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Show with douglas vivianne any and david cohen tonight hardie boys said she drew meet dracula a hardie boys braga loser every who is due here by danica this is i'm gonna try her this figure dr watson being to you the evaluation determination from sherlock almonds o as who would be his successor in the in the world of the tech to agency i that was very well done watson it's almost like your your in your own mind your conducting your own what they call it the radio show that's going to be to be invented in the future louder than what we're investigating on four of israel's new remember the device that you made me get up and go get from the fireplace was your rebutted way was saying right next to her but i had to go again this device the instructions are for us to determine as secondly you who is the president volta and then they will be adding that every day in the future here these is eur helping them with the introductions and all that sort of thing and if you ever need to say to the future listeners of america what does sherlock holmes have to say to the future listener the people listening to this program in the year two thousand seventeen i'd like to say i am sherlock holmes that i regard real fleshandblood with my assistant watson sorry my copartner what do i call you i don't know what the vernacular will be my life partner is that now as now liberal todd live houghton a married man uh i'm just trying to think of a i get appropriate to renew element that egos got repellent trick is your reply count help that bosnian added abbott other scott i think i've earned the ego by the way this scotch bottles with this still a quarter of it left and i believe you and i need to finish this first 100 where we listen to those who through these of more like children sort of detail today with a timer hardie boys john and by they would diction as the jomon that what's the.

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