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Bryant is better than jordy nelson so islander stand what aaron to san aaron is right about it and it's not just a personal connection with jordy nelson since twenty eleven what quarterback wide receiver combo has the highest passer rating of any combo retired quarterback peyton manning and julius thomas second on this list paint may not playing anymore third on list is tom brady and rob gronkowski first on the list with a bullet aaron rodgers and jordy nelson aaron rodgers passing to jordy nelson over the last seven years has created a pass rating of a hundred and thirty the nfl all time record is like one oh four a perfect ratings one fifty eight like so it wasn't just this buddy guy he's been with a guy he trusts it's been the most effective quarterback wide receiver duo we've seen in the league so the only way i think aaron rodgers can come to some terms they moving on from jordi is we're getting younger we want to bring in the next wave of guys and that's what he alluded you there we're going with younger guys like he doesn't like them getting rid of geordie what draft three wide receivers yes okay so that's what we're doing we're turning the page to a younger generation not so we can then bring in of twenty nine year old does not only was jordi a good receiver not only did he have the connection with aaron but as a veteran receiver you don't have to worry about what time he's gonna get there don't worry about what kind of teammate is jordy nelson has zero maintenance as a top flight wide receiver you're only going to get that only out of a couple of guys there's only a couple of guys aj green larry fitzgerald larry some maintenance on the side yeah he's got so many but you typically don't julio julio can be demanding dot it you know julio could be demanded but he's but he's right yes julio knows he's a star player you're to treat him like a star player he likes being part of the falcons but don't get that mixed up don't take his quietness for kindness and take advantage.

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