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On-scene? Josh lebeau for Vancouver. Here's a shot say pay by Semyon Parlama von ru salad searching for his second goal of the game. Is Matt Calvert escapes. Throws it in front bouncing puck, and marks will cover up borderline interferences guess who's involved again Antoine resell and Gabriel land is God Roussell is the definition of a bird in the saddle as Calvert and resell. Are exchanging words we can read lips, and I will tell you. We cannot repeat what was said on these airwaves because this is in fact family program. Matt Calvert, a family man himself. We'll go off to the bench. As he fought Pouliot along the near wall and resell again, just crosschecks Landis gawk after the play always searching for a fight his and wanna resell. Mentioned that he's second in the NHL. In penalty minutes of entertain is I with one hundred and forty nine thirty one of those came last night as the sharks were in Boston. Her cell now has eight goals. It's three more good last season with the Dallas Stars. Puckett center lights. By Ericsson knocks can't gain zone. Ericsson has to go back to the red line and try and regroup to the corner Johnson. Jarara Gerard takes the puck planes. Not the far side wall for Alexander Kerr foot. Now, it's Nathan MacKinnon three onto the ends. Mckinnon gains on leaves a for Johnson farside pass hits me go. Renton and was trying to search for Nathan MacKinnon nearside posted. The attempt was canceled out in Vancouver sales at the other direction. Eric Johnson is there behind his own net with eleven fifteen to go in the second period. Still too late for the avalanche. Also doubling up the Vancouver Canucks shots. It's twenty four to twelve. Renton at one hands on the near side wall in front of the penalty boxes. He escapes, Renton and still has a Renton and right down Broadway. Too much stick is Brock Besser will pick a pocket from behind and Easter candles along his own blue line as go back now for action softener. As good defensive shape. Enforce the Vancouver Canucks to dump it in the far side corner raves trying to ushered for Tyson berry. Berry pushes his damn the ice and comes away with it. Call wilson. Find some space in front of the benches Ford pass intended for dries incomplete now economic sir away, golden circle winds. Fires say by Varlamov told open trying to push it through the five holders. A collision behind the play Tyson. Barrie took a stick up high. The fans are booing about you may hear that in the background is the absolute come down the berry. And Dovan just lost control of his stick referees. You're singers on the fall it's on the follow through of the shot. It's not considered to be high. Stick. Hawks Dylan play for sale turns and fires. He shot is blocked and akitas Dora hazardous center for now. Carl Soderberg dumps it in nearside corner and Cooper gets to it. First namic Pinchas down deep pockets past him and chugging Africa's Marcus grantland. The door for now for curls Soderbergh Rosso, red Redline. Stick gambling through traffic and escaped to fully healed dump it up ads keep it in for just a second. But it's taken over at the blue line by Ryan Spooner Spooner. He's not down the ice by the door of. Really looked worse than it was that here's a shop. The point wide side. Rebound picked up by schooner frozen. Blunt. Only personnel is Patrick nam. If he pokes it aside centering tries through the streets of our Lama of another shot from the point is about five feet to the right of our law that goes wide in the app. Scoop it.

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