Dalton Mitchell, Representative, Jacquelyn Scott discussed on Sean Hannity


Had to be done I'm Beth Myers in the news radio one thousand Katie okay news center house speaker Nancy Pelosi says president trump gave Democrats no choice but to send articles of impeachment to the Senate when the president of the United States has shed article two says I can do whatever I want at the monarchy that is not a Republic that we pledge allegiance to every single day speaking on the house floor earlier today pelo C. said whatever the outcome is in the Senate the American people deserve a fair trial that includes witnesses and new relevant documents now of the Oklahoma delegation it was only Democrat congresswoman Kendra horn who voted for the resolution there will be now a trial in the Senate and it will determine if president trump should be removed from office an eighteen year old student upon the high school who got in trouble allegedly threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot the principal will somebody over heard that the red to and reported it to authorities Dalton Mitchell was arrested yesterday and booked into jail on a complaint of threatening to perform violent acts a still well lawmaker hopes to see firearms allowed inside the state capitol building with more on that here's Jacquelyn Scott Republican representative David harden has filed a bill to let legislators as well as current and former law enforcement officials carry firearms into the capital and other state owned and state leased buildings under hardens bill lawmakers could carry without a license but law enforcement officials would have to have proper.

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