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Nine strikeouts hardest throw in baseball has the worst strikeout minus walk rate in baseball among all police greg holland is actually worse his teammate greg holland if you if you said a minimum for ten innings pitched than holland is negative seven point seven percent and hicks negative seven point four but yeah yeah if you set a minimum of twenty innings twenty five some extra time jordan hicks has baseball second lowest strikeout rate is a head of only alex claudio who throws like forty five miles per hour never walks anybody so jordan hicks as terrible numbers and an area to winnow five and yet is his ex pimp terrible as bad so there are a few things i think when we might as well just talk this all out because this will make my article varies right because just do all the editing right now so the first the first thing to say i think is that jordan hicks throws very hard we know that for and mental you talked yeah like what his first outing of the season maybe we talked about maybe whether chapman would be dethroned this year whether he would no longer have the highest average festival leslie and baseball and it looks like that's going to be the case unless jordan picks hurts himself and throw softer for awhile or something he's currently leading chapman by two full miles per hour one point five to a measly ninety nine point five but of course earliest chapman is good jordan hicks not entirely clear that he's good yeah so hicks does have the highest average fastball have tamminen tehran guerrero jose alvarado justin anderson all these people we've never even written about anyway so thrilling hard and so mentally intuitively hard pitch means it should be hard to hit that makes sense and if you look at the history of higher velocities do miss more bets so step one jordan hicks looks like he should get strikeouts step to he's wild so that would take away.

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