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Does this connect to in any fashion the U. S s obligations to sustain the Afghan government if they're switching chairs here at the last moment. Yeah, It certainly doesn't speak well for the Afghan government. This point that they're still shuffling the deck chairs on the deck of a sinking ship. It sounds like they're trying to figure out who within their ranks can lead forces and fight on here. And this is this is something that should have been figured out a while ago many months ago, but they're still trying to figure out I guess what their leadership is going to be his battle against the Taliban and Al Qaeda and other jihadists. And it just doesn't make any sense. Really that they're they're this far behind the curve. I think you know a lot of what's happened here is that the jihadists the Taliban, al Qaeda, they're not confused. They have a very simple message. They have a simple narrative. They know what they're all about. They're all about taking over the country. Afghanistan reinstalling its Islamic Empire of Afghanistan, The Afghan government and the American side have been completely confused for years now and have had competing narratives about what's going on, none of which are really beholden to reality or set in reality, And so now, the Afghan government is scrambling basically to deal with this idea that they're going to have a post American. The after the American withdrawal, that they're gonna have to figure out how to fight on their own and figure out how to try and keep the jihadis at bay. And it doesn't speak well that they're basically shuffling these key positions at this late stage. The Pakistan government. Is that a surprise that they will not in any fashion allowed the US to project power into Afghanistan. That is how we started this war 20 years ago. Yeah, it's not surprised at all. Member Imran Khan actually praised Osama bin Laden is a martyr after you know, in a speech not too long ago. So you know, Pakistan has always been a duplicitous ally at best in this fight against terrorists, and they are all too happy to get the U. S out of the region. And you know this also speaks to a bigger problem here with the U. S posture going forward, which is that? President Biden envision that he could withdraw all the American the entire American footprint from Afghanistan and still have this over the rising capability to attack pinprick targets at a distance who threaten the U. S or its allies of the US homeland. And at this point it looks like that horizon is getting further and further and further and further away because there's really the U. S. Does hasn't secured basing in the region. Pakistan is not going to allow them to have a base there at the moment. And so it looks like you have to go back to basically farther. You know, bases in the gulf, which have a much greater distance to hit targets in Afghanistan. Even then, basically, the model would be to try and take out select terrorists here or there, So this is At this point where you're looking at is an American posture that is not dissimilar to where it was in the 19 nineties in terms of being that far away from the battlefield in Afghanistan and the Afghan government. Tom TI. Your understanding is the Afghan government, in conversation with Washington hasn't been in conversation with Washington about what is going to happen The day after the U. S is has withdrawn. Do we know if there are Not negotiations between Kabul and the Taliban, but between Kabul and Washington. I mean, there are conversations but from the outward rhetoric coming out of Washington, so delusional that I can't imagine these conversations are very productive. I mean, remember the official position of the State Department, which has been taking the lead here and all this for quite some time is that Beneath and the Defense Department has endorsed this whole heartedly is that there needs to be a negotiated political settlement for the conflict in Afghanistan. There's and that they're the Afghan government needs to take part in this peace process is going to lead to negotiate settlements. This is entirely unhinged from reality. There's absolutely no basis in reality for this whatsoever. The Taliban is simply on the march trying to take over the entire country. And meanwhile, the U. S and its allies are telling the Afghan government that they should be beholden to a non existent peace process. When they should have been saying, you know, basically get your breast knuckles on for the fight ahead because you're going to be fighting on your own here very soon. Tom Johnson, Bill Raju Senior Fellows Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. They keep the Long War journal when we come back contractors Contractors

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