A Rave Review For Skyn's Iceland Arctic Repair Cream

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I'm gonna kick the episode off with the product recommendation. I'm going rowing the skin. Iceland arctic repair cream. I have been blowing minorities like a crazy person. And i discovered these in my at home. Pd covid yes. I have an home. Pd cup of deer and these cream. He's so good so it's for stressed skin. My nose has been stressed. It is sixty four dollars from mecca. I'm really sorry but it's fantastic. If you've got dry cudi cools dry elbows. Is it like a bomb. It's like a seek top. It says it's a face and body cream so you could use it everywhere. I've just been using it in my cracks. All of that. It is just beautiful and so naro shing so sorry to hijack pd news with product recommendation. Straight up but you can hear from my voice. I don't sound great. It needed to be done it to be

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