Impact of the Death of 3rd Party Cookies With Vlad Zhovtenko

MarTech Podcast


My big question about the death of third party. Cookies is what was wrong with third party cookies. What was wrong with the ad tracking and attribution and data collection on somebody else's sites. Why was there a need for the regulation and the departure from this tracking technology in the first place. I think the decision to remove the focus is doing by the biggest tech place. It's basically epo facebook Essence google because adults are the companies have the highest amount of i by data which would meant to say this gives them a very strong competitive edge against all the other companies clues to strive on. Stoplight tra- marketing where you don't need to have huge database. Don't anything can program medically blog into worldwide exchange of precious and hunt for where cheap efforts of specific people on some websites while those people ayatollah to audience. And you get the results. You guys are the conventions. The first result of death Those days would begun forever. Okay so the large platforms the facebooks. Google's the apple's of the world who have lots of first party data because they have access to an account for everyone. Everyone's using google facebook and apple. They don't want you to go onto tabua an out brain and the trade desk and all the other places where you're buying your programmatic dorian. Just say gimme cheap clicks for this profile and then i'll retarget them on some of the other platforms that we mentioned before basically facebook apple and google want you to come to their platform and pay a premium to get access for users where they've collected their first party. Data exempt whereby. I think it's a good move for arrows web published just because now that data is something before that pro. Everybody could This business this website. So i have his profile now to find out that somebody wasn't particular website you need to pay for the data or basically to by the ads on the particular website in advertising

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