A highlight from Best Bits of the Week with Morgan2 - What You Didn't Hear About The Watermelon Mustard Eating Situation With Special Guest Hillary! (Week of 5/31)


Weekend. He's getting married for me. That's today for y'all he might have been married by the time. Y'all listen to this. But i'm so excited for them so starting out the show. You congratulations out to mike and kelsey wedding day wedding night. All the things were so excited for them here but if you guys are just now listening to this. This is the best bits of the week. Show i'm morgan number. Two and every week. I take the best seven segments from the show. And tell y'all what happened in case you missed something in case you want to relive it and along the way to bring a show member on with me and this week. I bought back on favorites. Which is hillary. let's go hello. You guys loved our podcasts together. Before so of course. I had to bring her back for another round and we got lots to talk about today so every week. You guys here you know. Bobby's mailbag it's a whole thing. You guys send in questions or advice basically anything you guys want us to talk about on the show and this week. We had a listener kindle. Who wrote in. And she's pregnant and she's debating you know when she has her baby if she's going to post photos of her baby on social media and we have a lot of parents on the show who have so many different views on this who boasts about their kids. Sam who post it all. We're all across the board. And then bobby also commented on what he probably wants to do when he has kids at some point too so you can hear all of those but i want to hear hillary like. Let's talk about this from an outsider's perspective. We don't have kids. what do you feel like like. What are your thoughts on this so me and you don't have kids but we both have nieces and nephews. My sister just had a baby in november. It's the first baby in our family. And she is against posting him on social media. Like i'm not allowed post about him. She's not going to post about nobody in. Our family is a lot of posts about him. I i was like okay. Like obviously respecting her wishes. And i didn't fully understand why but for her. It's more of a safety thing She used to be A victims advocate. That's the job. She short for the state attorney's office if she'd has just heard so many cases about kids and all that stuff so for her. It's more of a safety reason. Which i think is kind of what eddie lunchbox on too. So i don't. I don't have kids so i don't know what i'm going to do with mine. But i'm leaning more towards not sharing them just kind of seeing what my sister's gone through and there's no point in sharing have like we get to see him and i get to share his pictures with my friends like you've seen him. I send you videos and pictures So i'm kind of leaning more towards the side of respecting their privacy and keeping them private. But i have no judgement whatsoever with anybody who wants to share their kids on social media. Like i'm not going to judge anybody who's doing that but for my family. I know the world right now. Is we want to keep the kids private. I think is hard to in their kids and they're like they're really small kids. they're not talking they. They can't communicate how they're feeling we don't have any say in the manner when they start to get older and they're like yeah no big deal i think they do but even still which eddie also tashaun on like there are still a kid in. You're still supposed to kind of look out for them so even if they think they might know it you are as supposed to know. What's best right right. I don't know that like i. Totally get it. And i see lunchboxes per perspective so hard but i also like know how excited i get to share my life with people not even just like my friends and families great and ice in them and i. I'm sure at some point you guys are like stop sending me things stuff that i don't post about and like ooh i wanna post it because i just i'm so excited and you have so many emotions especially when it's something like your kids and you're so excited about whether they're walking for the first time or talking or are they hit their first you know softball or whatever it may be. I see how that excitement can happen in your like. Just want to share it with everybody. I want everybody to know. And see how proud i am. So i'm like yeah. Ideally i would not do that as like a very smart safety precaution. But then there's other side of me that just get so excited to share my life with anybody who's willing to listen. Yes and i under. I totally get that because when my nephew was born i was so excited and i was like. Oh my gosh. I want to share his pictures. I wanna share the first time. I get to hold him but he was born in november. And it's june. I can't do the math of how old he is right now. But he's like several months old right now. And i think i've gotten used to it at first. It was hard. Because i'm so just excited. I wanna share him with just everybody. But since i've i've gotten used to it i don't know it's a weird thing i'm used to it. It's fine like we'll keep him private dear siblings do they share so there you but we're not posting them on mine. Yes as a safety thing. Because i do know. Is there anything public about my life. No like is there sure people know who i am. I consider myself a big person. No but in the very small spectrum with my niece and nephew yes it is and so yeah we don't we don't post on anymore in this day and age just because like there's they've had some incidents where people start to recognize them and they're like we don't. We don't need that like got you're right. We don't like that doesn't need to happen. And i would rather protect my niece and nephew than you know. Posts are time. It's not necessary exactly and like the grand scheme of things we just wanna look out for the little ones that we love. And so yeah. It's i think it's it's best for us to protect them and it is a little weird like if people are coming up to your sister and her kids like hey you're morgan's you know like association by association by association. Yeah just like how did you even put into together. Exactly is kind of like the creepy but but to also think there's a really cool factor in that when you don't share them a lot when you have any sort of a public life you have something that's private and that's really difficult to have in public life so like when i see celebrities not sharing them and i see you know actresses or list labs like some chairman. Some don't but i'm like i get it because there's so much of your life that's where it's like when you get to go home. You have something that is an out there and it's for you. Yes i feel like that. Could be said the same with kids like they're they're ours and this is our family and this is what we have for ourselves. I totally agree with that. And i feel like whenever i go home. That's funny. You mentioned that. Whenever i go home people know i'm home because i never post anything because like dark. Are you okay i love. My grandma will text me. And she'll be like she just texts me the other day monsieur on instagram. Haven't seen you post a while i. I'm sorry i haven't posted hang on it. I really don't have anything to post about when i'm home. I just wanna be with my family and focused on our time together. I don't have my phone out like taking videos and pictures of every little thing we're doing that's my private time. I want to keep that space very private. So there is something to that too when i think you should have that regardless if you have a public or private life should always have that time where you are not doing something on social media. I totally agree. It's good to have that little privacy boundary. yes as social media manager. I encourage you to at least take an hour of your life every day off away from all kinds of social media. Everything just spend time with people that you love yes. Morgan does a really great job of Taking that time every day to like putter phone away and get off social media. Because you have to see. A lot of things no morgan. She's the best one to talk about that of just taking a break from socials in the phone away and enjoy your family. Enjoy

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