GameStop Taps Amazon Veteran as Its New CEO


Start. Not only did the company report first quarter earnings, but it named a new leadership team and has details on an SEC probe are pretty Gupta. Has been following the story and a new CEO for Gamestop Creedy, a long time Amazon executive. Absolutely Emily. We know that Ryan Cohen has been really gung ho about being able to compete with amazon dot com and he kind of got his wish list. Take a look at this. The CEO and CFO are both Amazon veterans. So that's actually good news in this kind of big e commerce vision, But Keep in mind. Investors don't actually have the full picture yet of what that vision looks like just that we're on the way to that. So that's one piece of good news for those folks who were kind of expecting games have to enter this new digital Asia. We got some other news as well. Net sales for quarters for the quarter, topping analyst estimate. Someone skip to a bullet point here, right to those may sales numbers increasing by a whopping 27%. Year over year. But keep in mind Emily A year ago, no one was going to malls. No one was spending this kind of money, so that's a very crucial number to see if they can keep up that kind of momentum. That's the good side of

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