Examining the Details of the Rebecca Zahau Crime Scene


So let's get back our timeline around six thirty in the morning in that range. Adam said he got up showered and then he approached the main house to see if rebecca wanted to go get breakfast before they headed to the hospital at this point atom alleges that he found rebecca hanging nude from the balcony from a rope around her neck. Her ankles were bound together. Her wrists were bound behind her back. She was gagged with a long blue sleeved shirt that had also been wrapped around her head and the arms were double nodded and stuffed inside your mouth. Otherwise the only items on her person were a black bionic band and a yellow live strong band on her left wrist and a power balance band on her right wrist. Yeah i don't understand how they thought. This was a suicide because just being gagged with a long sleeve shirt. I don't understand why someone would do that to themselves. And this just all these intricate details that don't add up to someone who supposedly just ready to end their life but they're taking the time to do all these things it just to me. It doesn't add up. I definitely agree with that. I think so much focus is on if she could have done all of this herself and not so much on the but why would she even if she could technically have bound her own hands stepped through the bindings. Got him behind her. All of the steps it takes to prove she can do it. We're not focusing enough on. Why would she now hurt. Doesn't make sense. I agree totally agree.

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