A highlight from The Real-Life Cracks in Americas Infrastructure


Is the president's big infrastructure. Plan i just talking about infrastructure. Let's get about the business. Actually rebuilding roads and highways filling the sidewalks and cracks installing streetlights in high speed internet creating space space to live and work and play safely in fact for the past few months. So much of what we've been hearing about in washington has been about infrastructure. Negotiations president binding will now turn his focus to building support for that bill. Both sides far apart on that but there is talk of compromise on perhaps something smaller infrastructure talks have collapsed between the president or public. Senator shelley moore capito but right now. Those talks don't seem to be going anywhere as the country's infrastructure keeps crumbling so today we're going to look at what's actually happening to the nation's infrastructure. How one bridge in memphis is a perfect example of the impact. Failing infrastructure can have and what transportation secretary people to judge

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