A highlight from 8 BIT CRUMBS - 06 - 10 - 2021

Double Toasted


Over here. God doesn't sound good explode. That's true yeah good point in whatever floats your boat in you know if you gentlemen out. He would love to get with that. I can imagine at least one. He says you have a fun. Oh yes we have some artwork from the gun. Hey how ya doing today. What's going on everybody. Court coleman chris producer over here and together we are eight bit crumbs. I can do about it. I'm sorry what do you know what it's about the video games and variety. That's it okay. I know just not good blizzard about usually go. You'll pardon yeah. I said i was like what the hell that is and understand. You didn't get that one didn't catch it and speaking land survey. I think he's i think he's going to summon a demon today. People yes. This is the video game discussion. Show hosted we're going gonna get you bitch a law with a little bit of variety. Excuse me party. Whoever

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