A highlight from The Tour Catch-Up: Berrettini the King of Queens; Humbert hails in Halle; Samsonova surprise in Berlin; Federer's Felix faulter; Osaka's Olympic target; Djokovic doubles


Of queens unbear- hails in halla and naomi. Osaka withdraws from wooten a kim. We get closer and closer to wimbledon the mad dash. I feel the league. No tennis club is approaching. We've got a week until the main draws star qualifying was meant start today. I'm not gonna lie. I'm looking at my right now. Is been very much doom and gloom. Today's been a bit of a washout dating. There was any play in hampden. But i've just just looking at big the fact that we just have across season. I don't care how short is don't care. The french open pushed it back. You know very four weeks of of roscoe's the fact that we just have it in the first place you know. Given the absence of gross. The last couple of years in the season it really is. I think kind of a a time time to savor. Oh absolutely it's fantastic to have a back on the screen again and say to be able to go to in person again. It's being such a long time since i alive tennis and i'm yeah as always like round. The clock. tennis at the moment is real peak time of the year and then all the tournaments in between so. It's obsolete like christmas for tennis. Fans and oversee. We had the wimbledon ticket sale last week which was very stressful. But we successful in the end i was celebration in itself. I think 'cause we we had like a as many as many listeners. Purchases had was. We had a ticket strategy in place. We were madly what happening each other. Trying to coordinate things and yeah we were. We were successful with the end. We were just waiting for those numbers in the key to go down. It was steady but we got and yeah. Hatefully gabby be at wimbledon next week. I hope you most of our listeners. Who based in the uk managed to get if they were planning to. I think there will be some more ceo. Also i'm sure if you haven't already that might still be opportunities. It was so funny when loki gone and refreshing nejra seeing that screen of ups. Hague you on number ten thousand thirty six in the key and there was a slight hat like grant but as he says the double slowly wet down. I got bored bowl optimistic. The i was maybe going to be able to purchase tickets fortunately happened. I'm still not one hundred. Two hundred four or five purchase them correctly. I've still waiting to hear back from wimbledon. Because i feel like of botched it somehow we shall say we have a nice day queens. They last monday which is fantastic. And like perfect weather. Got to say of the likes of john millman and k which was fantastic at. It's just nice to sit. There have an ice payments and Psych up the. And what your favorite sport. So i mean. Perhaps we should begin with queens. Because it's been a brilliant tournament have to say and we've had top seeds matteo bertini steamrolling his way to his first queens tied to on his queens debut as well so very impressive and that's now he's second girls quote title. I believe But i mean the real story perhaps is not just him winning but facing cavalry versus cavalry in the final. Which i think we could really envisage the of the week. You know we knew noori was playing well this year but i think many people would have had it in the final and the final itself. I thought it was very entertaining affair. I was very intrigued. See how nori would get on as she coming up against bertini and his serve which is being completely dominant Safe to say a for most of the tournament and i thought nori did extremely well given the circumstances. Yeah it was a fantastic final potato bertini. He showed why he was the number one seed this week. I think he was. He was quite clearly. I think the best best player in the field and think what was interesting from a british boy to view was he came up against three brits on route to to winning the title would he was always gotta like the measuring stick and so fascinating to see how nori face. Bertini versus don evans versus. Obviously andy murray as well in in the second round so. That was quite interesting as you said. I think the the story of the week was matair. Bertolini mattaya bertini serve which was just an absolute force to be reckoned with across the whole tournament. I think he was was broken twice in the first round against travek leah his fellow italian but after that he didn't get broken for the rest of the tournament and is served. I just felt it just went from strength. Distracted in the falling. Think nori could manufacturer a bright point and when you look bertini serving size i mean they were just haywood just ridiculous came. I mean he was. He was winning ninety one percent of his first-serve points against nori in the fino. I mean if you're doing the i mean you you probably expecting with you know with a serve like bertini's you're going to be expecting to win the site. Oh yeah it just coming into match with that sort of service. It must be such a relief knowing that you've got a weapon to to pull out your bag and rely on and just help you get across that finish line say much easier than having to slog away and rallies all the time and it's demoralizing viewer payment because they much pressure every time you do manage to return the seventy d- managed to get into the rally. You think got to make the best of this because you know the rest of the game. I've just probably gonna to be advertised. Say you've really got go. Take your child's is what it must've been i think nor'easter needed out in the second set when he managed to take on the tiebreak and then sets one in three it really norio needy eighty to hold everyone of his service games and take his opportunities when he did get them and it was just that one game in the first set one game in the third set which kind of determined the whole match really and it's a shame that nori wasn't able to to hold onto that that law service is forty love up in the third set. Because you know. I think we both natick tie-break or hate for strike of lock embarrassing. It did feel like the only way bertini wolseley was tie break because he just did not look it just looked impenetrable really and i think what was so impressive about it was that he was able to kind of back it up with his groundstrokes and i think he i think is quite clear what his trashy is is no. It's not complicated intricate. It's very simple but it's very effective at the same time. And you know when he's got a massive serve like that you know just getting him back in play or enough because he absolutely has an absolute canon of a forehand and he's always looking to get onto that. I think from the return and more often not this week he was able to.

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