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Accident for San Leandro now from the Chilton auto body traffic deaths. This is an overturn, and there's a motorcycle involved West 5 80 west of Dutton. Traffic is backing up to Fairmont Avenue. Speaking of 5 80, still a real grind through the Altamont Pass the jam upstarts from Portola continues out toward 205 Just fender benders for the South Bay south of Data before Brokaw Road, one in the center Divide and a crash on the shoulder. South 11 south of Santa Mayes Expressway Now South 11 out of the city. Still jam packed from before third Street Down to Oyster Point. Fire crews now say they're staying put in that right most lane through the evening to make sure this brush fires out north bound traffic co rammed from before Cesar Chavez to the Bay Bridge. This report is sponsored by Juniper Networks companies from a to zoom run on juniper networks with the ability to handle all that video traffic from your six AM with London to dinnertime chats with Mom, It's no wonder the fastest growing companies trust you never from data centers to WiFi. Driven by a I get results at Jennifer dot net, introducing Dr Cat Doctor of everything Green because he went to pick and pull com to recycle his old junk car, man Got cat immediate cash When you go to pick and pull Com or call 804 42 junk call 804 4 to

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