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To a therapist who told me that the happiest and most successful couples are the ones who know how to disagree. The ones who don't agree on something but don't let just completely ruined. Their relationship was five years ago. So i didn't totally get it. At the time. I was a new bride. We were still in the honeymoon phase and back then if we weren't on the same page about something we totally pretended we were on the same page about something. You were so naive. Think about that advice a lot. I think about how nick and i don't have to agree on everything but how the key is learning to get comfortable on opposite sides of decision. It's about how to communicate our disagreements and really went. Just let something go when to agree to disagree a couple of weeks ago. I read a story in the new york times about mixed vacs couples. Those are couples where one person has gotten the covid nineteen vaccine and the other person does not want to get it a truly wanted to understand not necessarily why someone would choose not to get a vaccine. We've heard that we've read those stories. But i wanted understand how a couple gets through that how you agree to disagree about something so big so wide ranging something that has such a impact on all of our public how we put out a call to are committed community. And you guys responded. We received more than one hundred messages from people in mixed backs relationships who are actually willing to talk to us. This is clearly become an issue that has divided couples across the world. And i don't know if we're talking about that enough but to me the way people the way individual couples are dealing with. This is fascinating and this week. We're bringing you to of their stories first off jenin. Tim i am gen and this is tim and we are going to be together. Seven years this june and we should have been married by now but ho beds so we are twice postponed and now looking at a new year's eve began by. Oh my gosh twice postponed. When was the first one supposed to be october. Two thousand twenty in portugal. Where's the new year's one gonna be in dc where we live. so we're gonna honeywood portugual. We postponed to october twenty one in portugal and our venue closed. We found that out in february. And i was like. I can't so we're just do we live in the greater dc area asa. We're just gonna you here. And then go reports over a honeymoon and brain our wedding attire so i can still picture art good lawrence. Let's get started so tell me who's gotten a vaccine who wants to get a vaccine. Who doesn't i'm not. I will not get vaccine. you have gone. yeah. I just got both of my vaccines aren't fully vaccinated now. Two weeks and will sir leaks since my second job. Tell me a little bit about why you don't want to get it. I don't really need it. I'm young i'm healthy. I'm under the age of forty on in my mid thirties. I don't need vaccine for virus. That doesn't affect my body because i have the flu shot every year. I'm been six themselves not Sick was nine years old. The last time that i was sick. I don't need to get a vaccine that was created in a very short amount of period of time iffy to me. I lied particularly healthy. Lifestyle and health is very probably number. One focus in life is hell so being healthy. Having my health is very important to me. i took covid. You know seriously in terms of following rules and best practices again. I have not been shopping in a non essential store in like a year. End jane right whereas tim has been to work everyday. basically since. go ahead a mortuary every week. I've been held every weekend for the past. Almost a year have not been affected have had multiple told me that this is not a big deal. Tim's job gender bias. At first his potential exposure to the virus. Every time you went to work. I think for me. My mom now lives in virginia nearby. He was locked in her senior center for many many many months and so but needing to that of contact like taking seriously for if anything did come off thankfully she was vaccinated in january since. Then we've been able to visit with her. Don't necessarily see eye to eye on politics in general and invest the only place. We don't see eye but he's educated on it. He's a marine veteran nine eleven purple heart like when he s some concerns about the government. I also don't dismiss that either because he is more intimately entangled with it than i am antibac- but anti vaccine person i just. I don't really need. This vaccine has been created so quickly. When i'm young and healthy. I don't need i don't need it any home trust it. I don't trysofi a vaccine. Those back quickly kind of iffy to me. What i was most curious about is when you have these very strong differences of opinion. What do you do to resolve it. We have to set limits like okay. We're best for today. We're done with this right now. We need to set a break and politics is really the only place where where we have is that apple. We also were raised very differently in different parts of the country western education levels and are frustrated. To arses are different right. I think underlying respect is there. We're not out to change each other's minds. But i also know that if it came to like him you might not be able to go to our friends wedding in mexico if that's a requirement at one point in time or if we need to travel to portugal and we need to have it at some point in time that goes against my might individual rights as a human being say no. It's my choice. That i do not need a vaccine your choices. My body toys like it's my body. It's my choice. i know. I don't need to get a vaccine to travel somewhere. This goes against every human right. I will do it. I would get you to change your mind. I don't need a vaccine that i already have. Antibodies built up. Because i've been around people that i'm exposed to buyers. I don't need just like. I haven't done flu vaccine. In since i was like the military years ago. I don't need it. I don't need it. The government telling you what. I cannot do this sony that i have to get. This is if. I don't get i can't do this. It's my body's my choice i choose. I don't mind because unhealthy. It's you know. I'm not affected of fact by and that's i mean it's awful. I agree to disagree. My biggest question for jen and tim was what if they can't go on a honeymoon. What if the restrictions in the eu. Say that. Tim cannot go to portugal without a vaccine that he can't maybe get on a plane without a vaccine. Is that mean that after two cancelled weddings pay also aren't going to get a honeymoon. Think he has a whole or he'll be like this is kinda messed up. I don't think it's gonna be me but it's going to be everyone to be like when we stopped using your airline when we wanna your country when we

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