Sadie Hoagland Discusses Her New Book, 'Strange Children'


There. How are you today. I'm excited to be here. Thank you so much for having me. I'll thank you for coming autumn so excited to talk with you. So can you tell me about your writing. Sure so i think of my rating as a bit dark a bit funny at times. I think i'm very interested in voice. So i tend to use a lot of first person though i've definitely expanded in the last couple of years to use more third person i am very interested in language in sentence level writings. So that's actually for me. One of the primary reasons i write and story is sort of secondary. So i'm interested in story and structure and all that but i love just like reading a good sentence in that so that i think translates into my rating. I really like spending some time. Crafting sentences that that maybe kind of mixed up poetry and prose. Yeah very much. So and i just finished reading her book strange shoulder and it was just so incredible. I act- i was mentioning it to her before the interview to and i can totally see the influences from like putting some poetry throughout it. So what not the idea to put poetry in the book in that way. I think i really am drawn to poetic writers like cormac mccarthy who has an epigraph in the book from him on tony morrison falconer hugest tend to have turns of phrases or ways of describing things that are just so original so i think that's. That's a huge kind of drivers. I like reading that kind of book about the kind of language based but also on their time in the book win. I just not very often. But i do kinda break. The lion at one point in usually. It's when i'm trying to describe something pretty dramatic Felt like i needed the page needed space in between sort of the steps of what was happening so You know when characters being victimized when she gets up to leave and so that kinda breaks the

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