Interview With Radio Personality, Charlamagne Tha God


We got in touch a long time ago because you heard the seventh anniversary special with robert. Greene robert greene. Yep and your book. Black privilege was great. There's a lotta real advice in there. Which i like us the advice that you give you. Don't find that in books by celebrities ever usually the bios like i knew that by working hard and keeping my head down i would eventually win. It's never really accurate so props to you for writing. Something people can actually use. I never considered myself celebrity. That's number one and number two. I think when you come from a area. Like i come from monks corner. South carolina rural area on a dirt road like a small town. When the beginnings are that humble. It's kind of hard to look at yourself as anything other than a kid. Who's making a living. That's what my mom always. Tell me my mom that me right. Now she goes just be happy to be making a living and that was just kind of like my mindset so i guess the advice i give is just practical advice because i'm just a kid who came from a dorota muslim cycle and who's out here making a live. What was it like growing up. In the place you're describing. Sounds like a really small town it is. I mean the funny thing is most corner was a small town that seemed like the biggest town in the world to me at the time. it just seemed like a place. I didn't think i was going to be all my life would seem like the big city like i know it may sound crazy like if i go to manhattan are in la hostile. Feel like i'm that kid on the dirt road in small town. Because i became a man in new york to two thousand and six before that i lived in columbia south carolina and i moved there in like two thousand and four like my whole life in my twenties. I was living in this town. Monks corner south carolina. So it's just a country place dirt road dear. It's you know. Raccoons it's a place. Where if you work at the factory you got a job. Once the factory close you've got to go find work is country. Al no other way to describe it.

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