As Cease-Fire Holds, Palestinians Assess Damage Caused By Israeli Airstrikes


As the dust finally settles in Gaza a day off to an Israeli how messy spot began Palestinians still to to assess the damage from eleven days of intense Israeli bombardments municipal workers from the Franken glass and twisted metal from streets and sidewalks and merchandise was confidence sets in St insights master within on the pavements things often unsolicited Beth said he didn't expect so much damage we thought the strike was a bit further from us but as you can see the area of the shop is a good time the toll on human life was a much heavier one four year old Maria had top was left me talk to the death of her mother and four siblings for minutes radius strike a father explains his former until now she hasn't spoken a word from Michelin hora she was on the third floor and we found on the ground outside in the fighting more than two hundred and fifty people were killed the vast majority of them Palestinians on Karen Thomas

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