UN Launches Response Plan for Rohingya in Bangladesh

UN News


Bringing Refugees who fled persecution in myanmar. For years ago are more vulnerable than at any point since two thousand seventeen the. Un has warned in an appeal for international support to help them launching the cool for nine hundred and forty million dollars for nearly nine hundred thousand refugees in bangladesh's cox's bazar camp complex un refugee agency chief. Filippo grandi also urged india and thailand to keep their borders open to those fleeing from violence linked to the myanmar coup tuesday's appeal covers requests for more than one hundred thirty four partners who include un agencies international ngos and a majority of bangladeshi ngos if funded it will also benefit almost half a million bangladeshi nationals living in communities that are hosting the refugees the world food program which is also present in cox's bazar warned that the covid nineteen crisis has reduced opportunities for refugees. The camp complex also disaster-prone and faces a monsoon to cyclone seasons every year which is why the un agency continues to support disaster risk reduction activities. These include rebuilding cyclone shelters improving drainage systems stabilizing slopes and helping communities diversify their livelihood activities. So that they do not need to rely on agriculture for income

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