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And two hundred thousand dollars or blow lineup. He received the money he released. The people and the ten thousand stepped out of the plane into thin air. A no one saw him again. Today's podcast is about the money or the ransom and small boy who found a portion of that way you say some of the ransom money was recovered on february tenth. Nineteen eighty eight year old. Brian ingram washington was vacationing with his family on the columbia river about nine miles downstream from vancouver washington. He was raking the sandy river bank to build a fire what he uncovered three packets of cash significantly disintegrated but still bundled and rubber bands. It amounted to about five thousand eight hundred dollars worth of twenty dollar federal reserve notes. Okay flash forward a little bit armed with an electron microscope and a new theory amateur scientists. tom k. has uncovered a new clue. The fifty year-old case skyjacked b cooper k. Used his microscope to identify diatoms tiny droplets of on cougars ransom money. That was found mysteriously buried just beneath the sand on the bank of the columbia river near vancouver in nineteen eighty nine years after the hijacking. The ransom where he released thirty six passengers for two hundred thousand dollars four parachutes k. Examined the ransom bills twelve years ago at the request of the seattle. Fbi but only recently turned his attention to algae. The could have been present on the water so money. So suddenly case as a light bulb came on and i wondered if we could use these different species of dieter that we found on cooper spills a long time ago to determine when the money got wet and when the money landed on the bank of the columbia river the result case research was published monday. This would be about three mondays ago in the journal of scientific reports marking the first time. That cooper evidence has been peer reviewed and published the dive homes. That we found on the cooper money. Our spring species k said they bloom in the spring. They do not bloom. In november when cooper jumped k. Said that's a key because it shows. The money ended up in the river. Months after cooper jumped on november twenty four nineteen seventy one because the bills only had one season of diatoms on them and did not have died at home so plume in the winter key theorizes that the money came out of the water and landed on the bank of ten bar. A sandbar the columbia river. After only a few weeks or months the money was not floating in the water for a year otherwise we would have seen diatoms from a full range of the year. We only saw them from spring. The spring time bloom so this puts a very narrow range on when the money got wet and was subsequently buried antenna bar k. Said the scientists said the new information scuttle see. fbi's original theory in the nineteen eighties at the money. Somehow flowed downriver from cooper's believed drop zone near lake merwin and southwest washington and into the wash gall river and out into the columbia. That would be the so-called wa- chagall wash down theory. The new finding also raises more questions than answers though. How did the money. Enter the water months after cooper staring job. Why did it end up some eighteen miles as crow. Flies from cooper suspected drop zone suspected by the fbi. And how did the money get out of columbia river and end up mostly intact with rubber bands holding three stacks of twenty dollar bills together. Okay lot of questions. Cooper who was believed to be around forty years old at the time of the hijacking would be around ninety now if he survived. The jump was several. Fbi agents believe he did not but of course. The science has shown the fbi's jump zone. That is where db cooper would have landed was off base. So just maybe he is alive and perhaps having the last laugh so no conclusion to the whereabouts of db cooper or

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