Things Are Getting Back to Normal at U.S. Casinos


Normal at casinos across the country. We're gonna hear some phone calls from listeners. Talking about various casinos. But certainly by us at harrah's southern california they have lifted the mask mandate as long as you're vaccine right which i think pretty common if you're if you've been double vaccinated no mask and the courses they don't check but all you money one could not wear their absolutely but when you and i i went to the casino after they lifted it i was very pleasantly surprised at how many people were still wearing masks. Yes last night. When i was there mark i think me and another guy. We're the only ones. I saw not wearing a more way more. People are still wearing masks. Not more people which you know is probably smart eight hundred. They're not back native or do they just don't want to take any chance. I certainly don't blame them. Go you know go for it. Gosh wear it. If it doesn't bug you you know. Go ahead now you and i. We were wearing masks if we were walking around. Yeah but when we were at the table just sitting next to each other we took it off right but then we put it on what we went through the cashier and we walked around. Why we thought it with us. You know we. I don't really think about it. You know when it's on anymore but and it's table was just for comfort and you know the closest person to me. Is you and vice versa. Right so right exactly and the it seemed like most of the dealers are still wearing man. I agree there's only a few that weren't and

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