Israel's New Unity Government Is a Sham


Netanyahu and Israel and how this guy But he fought and fought and fought. And he really let him have it. The media in Israel is is really disgusting. Actually more disgusting than Army because there's really only a handful of conservative outlets altogether is no Fox News. In Hebrew in Israel. So they have nothing to that extent. But you have true Stalinist type hacks. Have been trying to take after this prime minister and obviously the people of Israel of like this prime minister. His party and he still got more votes than anybody else. She have a guy by the name of Naftali Bennett. Just listen quickly. He runs to the right of Netanyahu says he's not conservative enough. He runs in his own party. You need 120. Actually, they have 120 ministers. Excuse me, 100 and 20 members of the Knesset, their parliament. His party got six. Six. Lot less than 5%. He's now the sitting prime minister of Israel. He swings to the left, He embraces the left wing parties. He embraces the Arab Party, which is really a jihadi party movement. Because he wants to be prime minister is 48. He won't wait. It's absolutely unbelievable, actually. And so by one vote. Effectively. One member they take over the government. This guy lied to the people of Israeli lie to the people who voted in his party. Hundreds of thousands, Not many, but still To get what he wanted to get. And the media. Think this is a unity effort. It's a unity effort. Unity around what Have these disparate groups. Anti Zionist pro Zionist, most of them anti Anti American. In some cases hard left, they call them center left there. Nothing center left over there. They're hard left wing kooks. And this guy Naftali Bennett throws in with them because they say we'll make you the prime minister first, then the Styler full lap that he can be eaten getting behind.

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