Sizing up Kyle Larson's Extraordinary Run



Want to talk about. Kyle larson in this role that this guy is on. You worked with jeff. Gordon you compete against jeff gordon. The nine hundred ninety eight and this is what this reminds me of right now. That kyle larson has six consecutive races. First or second place finishes four victories. Three points races put in perspective australia. Steve what this role means because to me. It feels a lot like jeff. Gordon circa one thousand nine hundred. Well listen. so he's driving premier equipment. The hendra motorsports car seem to have the most speed in the field but the counter that is driving that against three other premier drivers right so it's easy to say it's got the fastest stuff yet but you to chase elliott william byron and alex bone to do it and oh by the way he did he drove around chase elliott with one of the most masterful gutsy all star race tight moves driving to the outside quarter panel a third lane. We had yet to see in ninety laps. So the move for the all star race was outstanding. I think kyle. I think this is the kyle larson. We all thought was out there. You can only decided but he wins in everything. He's so much talent we didn't know if it was his preparation holding him back if it was asked if it was his youth if it was his lack of mentor sh we didn't know we'll never know because it kind of all the jumbled up reset but now he's an organization with a lot of leadership. Jeff gordon you mentioned it stein in the fox booth what he's still has a role andrew motorsports rick hendrix there. Chad can houses there. We asked outs blue being us out. Hey how're the post like you said you ever met chad kind of. There's a lot of leadership around him and a lot of confidence and a lot of talent and driving great equipment and i think that's what you're seeing right the combination of the three two minutes amount of confidence. And you know we said it on our preview show. You and i both cholera and watching. Because you take that much talent with that much motivation. The timing of hendrick motorsports and what they're doing communist chevrolet and where they are in the grand scheme of things. You got this recipe for success. Now he's doing it against the defending champion on. His team is the defending champion of our series. And he's taking the fight to him

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