Alex Rodriguez Hangs With Ex-Wife Cynthia After J.Lo Split

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Weekend in miami. But iran may have kept it cool by throwing some shade. He is being accused of posting this pic with his ex wife cynthia to make jennifer jealous now. Things got a little more intimate in another post with cynthia wrapping ayla lots arafat's league in ice yes. Rats leg is named growth. Cynthia is a world-class. Mommy to our girls wrapping ice though. Lol you guys well first of all to post. That can post in the ice wrapping moment. Why of course. I know why that is a straight setup really i i hope cynthia got paid extra for her stunt game because by the way. That's who i'm most embarrassed for cynthia. Cynthia it's accent the you know. He came to us you to make jaylo jealous to get her attention. Well why would be jealous. Cynthia's happily mary. Why would lo be jealous of cynthia. I know that they had beef in the past and it was messy. 'cause there was about the child's this 'cause jaylo got involved. She thought that was playing way too much in child support to cynthia so she advised him to negotiate. The child support and cynthia was like listen. We didn't have problems until jaylo entered the picture. I don't

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