A highlight from Dr. Fauci Says 'Attacks on Him Are Attacks On Science'; Dr. Jill Biden Is Prepping for the G7; Stripper Shortage All Over; Media Ignores Hunter Biden's Racist Texts


Attack me. You're attacking curdle your tacking blogging. Not not personally a pro boy. But you're attacking blogging in general. If you attack. Dave you're attacking. What are you attacking. It's a personal shot at me. That i don't like no no no. It's bigger than that. You can't just attack. Dave colonnade attacking colonnades attacking happy. Friendliness friendly are trying to a joy in the world. That's i look forward to the day. I really really do when fau cheese in the rear view mirror. I mean probably like thirty years from now it'll be like one hundred ten years old. He'll still be on. Msnbc and cnn every day when they say isn't an awful what they did to you. Dr fauci they don't believe you but it is amazing the downfall of voucher is so just dramatic yesterday when he talked. He said if you techni you're attacking science. It's the most arrogant thing. When you think about it you could ever say it's like anybody. Because he could be bernie. Madoff say if you attack me. That means you're attacking investing in general. You're attacking financial advisors in general. I mean we know he's lied over and over again his lies have cost lives. There was a guy a doctor. On laura ingram a couple of nights ago and he estimated that dr fauci lies have cost hundreds of millions hundreds of thousands of lives and now we know one concrete example the hydroxychloroquine which trump touted in because trump touted it that means all the people on the other side all the opposition had to say. It's it's it's a joke it's ineffective. It doesn't help a whole list of tv doctors. You know sanjay gupta and all the rest of said. No he's lying hundred hydro clocks hydrochloric. When does not work found. She said it. Now we find out it saves lives. We find out it actually works out. She was against a medication a treatment because trump was for it. That's all i mean. We know fauci was a a devoted of fighter advocate for biden for the any opposition to trump. And in this case it cost lives. But here's the amazing thing when you think about you saying a few meets utech sites. Think of things you. He's been attacked for turtle. Boy i mean attack for flip unmasks. I don't know. Does that really cost a lot of lives. I dunno school closings. Does that cost lives. It certainly sets kids back. But here's the big one and again of setup before this is the biggest scandal in all our lives if it's true and it certainly appears to be cheese outfit sent money to the lab that created this virus and unleash it on the world. We paid for it. Is that not bigger than any. I don't think of a scandal that you've heard most of the scans trumper made up but just think of iran contra think of monica lewinsky scandal. That is anywhere close to this. The tax payers of this country paid for the the research that that resulted in a virus. That killed six hundred thousand americans three and a half million people worldwide. It is amazing. How thirst for revenge and thirst for vengeance and search for like every six hundred thousand people died from this right. They killed our economy. Our kids couldn't go to. You would be some sort of like blood. Thirsty desire to be like who the hell did this. And when are we getting revenge. And who's going to jail a better question to about a little curiosity in and not only. Is there no curiosity. There's just the opposite if she did it and we believe he. Did we believe at some like eight hundred twenty six thousand dollars of your hard earned. Money turtle boy of dave collins hard earned money was sent to this lab where they did this gain of function the insane we you strengthen the virus to make kill people and it got out of the lab and it killed people. That's bad enough. Even worse you find out we paid for it and after we paid for. It are leading voice on this on public. Health lied over and over again. Talking about bats pangolins and natural origins when he knew where it came from. That's so if you question that guy that lying little gnome. You questioned him. You're questioning science. It's so insane. I know every day we talk about how corruption media is and. We'll get to the newest a long list of things they did. The media did just overtly to get biden elected but think of the scandal. We're talking about in if we did have an honest media. What a big deal. It was they. If you're talking about cnn or msnbc or nbc. I'll bet you they spent more time on trump getting two scoops of ice cream then they or trump doing whatever some dumb photo op or trump's golf game than they did on our leading public health official sending a check do on to help finance the research that led to a worldwide pandemic. There's nothing in my life Nothing in your life. Nothing at all our lives that compares to that and yet they won't spend one minute not one minute covering it does not define the level of corruption in our media. Now i mean it's it'd be funny if it weren't so serious you'd be laughing at these clowns who don't want to touch this for fear that it might make trump look good or biden look bad. That's they care about when they wake up in the morning or fauci they protect Just as much as biden if there is worth a focal point. What is your level of concern that we're going to discredit public. Health officials. to the point of know look at russia they actually have a good vaccine and none of their citizens. We'll take it because they don't trust their own government. It's very dangerous chuck because a lot of what you're seeing as attacks on me quite frankly are attacks on science because all of the things that i have spoken about consistently from the very beginning have been fundamentally based on science some. That's that's just flat out false. That's just a flat out. Lie we've seen in the in the emails you know his flip-flopping unmasks or on a shutdowns or school closings or whatever many many many things no you know. He admitted that he was lying about masks. Obviously to protect the keep people from hoarding them. Buying them He went from no mass to masks. And he's he's still wearing masks by the way in public sometimes which is bizarre. But the idea that if you say Excuse me did you send money to wuhan. Which is what rand paul. we'll do. We'll roast them. Next time. He gets to house an attack on science just so bizarre and so insane that and again the media is going to cover for him. They could find you know a a you know a debt boy or live girl is bid and it wouldn't matter they would still say you know it's an attack on science. How on attacks on science. How about how youtube and facebook and twitter. They all shut down. Remember that last year. Trump produce that nigerian lady doctor out of nowhere in choosing the videos like seven doctors on toddler and it got censored they were talking about hydra classic. Whatever they're on that was the thing you're talking about and she was like there is a cure this hydro whatever she's like. It treats corona virus and that was taken down for misinformation interns true. That's amazing think of that. They were out on the steps outside right in front of a building a press conference and the head their smocks on the they're real medical doctors offering real informed opinions. And you couldn't hear it. It's like when when dissenters that a roundtable and he had actual doctor's talking about the masks mask mass and you couldn't see it. Big tech decided. Google facebook by believe this was a facebook or youtube. Just said no. You can't see this and once again they were wrong and Trump was right to santa. This was right it. Is you see one thing you see you know. Just how wrong you get to see. Just what raving egomaniac vouch. He is but you also get to see how corrupt the media are you. And i and we were just talking about before we started recording is you can debate whether the election was on the level if there was fraud and did they leave the polls open. Milwaukee passed the time or did they fall. Count mail in ballots. That weren't correctly filled out all that. You can debate that. Were actually a can't debate it essay. What he talked about the in private in private. You can debate it with a with a liberal.

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