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It's like taking the funnel system and basically condensing it down to one interaction that then defines the system that we're going to put them into a front and it's their choice to begin with to get in there and then if they deviate from it. That's where we knew on start process so if we've given people experience so far and they're doing things like ghosts us venue. Send him a casper in the mail or you send them a milk carton with their picture on it that says missing in an email or text message. You're listening to digital conversations with billy. Bateman the demand gen leader source for the latest revenue strategies presented by chat finals. Our everyone welcome to the show today today. My guest is none other than the leader. The sales rebellion dale depre- dale. How you doing man. Billy has it man good to see you. Thanks for having me here today. Yeah yeah dude. Great to see you. I'm excited to have this conversation. You know we're gonna talk about getting back to the human side of sales not just you know cranking through numbers and just dialing for dollars and how how you believe. We can do that in which you teach people but Before we get into that you've got a really interesting story in like how you got to wear yard today and i love you just to just to share that story of of everything you were doing To get to this. it's a man. What did they say what we say salespeople we say that buyers to talk about themselves so let them talk about themselves so. I'm happy to do that. So i like to to really give a clear view of of my upbringing before i get into the fun crazy wild stuff which is that. My dad actually found a copy machine company right before our response or year before. And they say you know when you're born into the copier world that toner runs in your veins and that you're literally never going to be able to get out of the industry and it's funny. Because i am taking him out of it but i train a ton of people in it still so i. I haven't been able to but i i was born and raised in business. The original entrepreneur read the small business owners. So i i. I got literally see the halls of you know what it looks like to run a business. You know for the nineties. And the early two thousands before i ever interacted with it as a A professional that sound so our my dad taught me like his peggy and this is what she does for the business and hey this cliff for this is what he does for the business and this is tammy and he's in sales and what he does for the business and so i learned a lot more than just the copy machine itself in and you know how to get somebody to sign up the line to put one in their own office. I learned all the inner workings on the back side of things so because of the upbringing that i have in that it was it was less work and more just this really cool thing that my dad did and hat and because of that i kind of always wanted to have my own thing like him right because i also watched the freedom it provided him even though he he would tell you if he was here today. I never quite the money. I wanted to make but we had freedom. He got to his house tennessee and work through the summer remotely. If you wanted sale and he could. He could spend christmas at the same cabin. He could take a trip down the keys if you wanted to. For a weekend take my mom. There was a lot of flexibility in being the small business so i desired that for my own life so when i got a little bit older i actually had the opportunity to play music so i i had been at a band says the time i was about fifteen. At this point. I was about seventeen and we started to create and drought our tour for store that we were gonna do on our own dime that we created ourselves. We spent fifty two days on the road in a truck. So i i actually. I got my first real sales experience because the bands that we literally booked to the store with it didn't know it but they were gonna put a member of our band in each of their van because we didn't have enough room in our truck. So i played in orlando and then sold the living crap out of letting them or letting our to our members split into their vans and then we hit the road and it was one of the greatest memories of my life all the way down so being like dead broke at certain points of wondering are we gonna make it to the next show and we did and we got home. We had dozens of record label offers. And i got to really see like what hard work does. I got to see what it looked like to go to a strange place in a strange room with a bunch of strange people that i didn't know how to cultivate relationships how to build an audience how to create a prompt and a desire also to be involved with something that they didn't know about and and further than just like being in the moment and experiencing it but then taking it like connecting with us on social media and at the time social media was mice face the hot one right and it was just for musicians right so i learned a lot of really good and valuable insights of sales and business and general through. That process came back so copiers for my dad. The story is pretty easy. I spent fourteen years in that industry. I two sucked the next two. After that were groundbreaking record-breaking years which led to my father selling his business which leads to the next decade

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