A highlight from Ep 223: For F**KS Sake! Feat Eddie Della Siepe (Ft. Eddie Della Siepe)


Everything all black all black. Everything is right. there is the black thing. Guess what decision. We're about to make a decision koha time. I this episode from you guys. This is an episode. With two people. That i have to talk to every week gang guys. Another episode of horrible decision That's right today is episode with Mandy who. I worked with for four years known for fifteen and ironically a repeat guest. I do for facts sake with we've already had on and when many our starting our podcast we talked to eddie and i'm just really grateful that my co-host get along we follow each other and everything beef. No no no not. It's like the x. Men everyone's got their power. Not we're all doing our own little challenge like storms. You can make it happen. I'm like ant man running around so all right. So i want to direct you guys before we always talk about the end of episode mandy and i have structured patriot differently. We have new tears Of course you know you get bonus episodes. We always talk about the ba- now. We actually offer four monthly. We offer video for all of our patriot episode. That a new for the tunnel. That's right except for the town hall And honestly we've been super excited to offer behind the scenes stuff We've been having our cameraman wolf. Follow us in our homes in getting things after before the episodes if you want to see some content like that run over to patriot now i feel at ease like the least disgusting person i know. I don't even know. I never had sex lots of it. We're getting. we don't have many white feet long. And i know you're not white. You're actually i'm happily. Why but. I sound very bobby. I sound like even just said. Yeah i giant. You know just like that's going to be the funniest part about this whole lot. Because the way he talked like not many of the gas now on this show. I sound like a girl thing. Wieder he just said oh. Yeah like i'm gonna like interviewing people on the street and when they saw what did you see sir. No now eddie i have. Yeah you have your own ways to give us your sex. I should we do it. The time like we moan. We'd be like give me that dick. You can't hear me. Like i wanna hear you give me a petty. What is the ben. I've done a lot. You know up in here. i can't just jump into it. amounts lube rate a slide. I'll face grabber face. Grab the cheek in that. Little dominance is nice. I'm a big consent guys touch on a bit consent guys some like a discussion before. And she's like it's all good. It's all good. I'm sure and then i like grabbing the face getting closed and really like whispering but like stern whispering. What when you're reprimand you in a store like get the fuck over like that. You're a little bit. That listen i'm gonna send to my girlfriend's family so go. Hey hey mom and dad. This is what my boyfriend has to me. This right we went to we had food yesterday. That was a lot of fun. We had escargot. Oh yes as card guy. I had it for the first time apparent under the apple towel. And i was like another thing does not my in this podcast. I don't think so. Okay so i've never had it before. She took me their french restaurant. I'm laura i i never asked s cargo. I had to ask her. Go to the bathroom. It was brought. I don't know what happened yet. It is my second time in new york city diarrhea days in a row. Because we did. It's snails my both. Those words. don't sound good. I ate it and then when we were walking around. Let us shop the whole time. There's there's there's like a little right in here and she was just. Let's go in here. Could try this on like get the fuck out of the story. Lady aren't going to fucking destroy with when you need to shit around. I'm not. I'm almost we're getting. She's like listen. If my holes are ruined your whole ruin something. It's going to be one of those things so any any whole so. I went to the bathroom. These you sit spray. Pray but i decided in a public bathroom. No no my hotel room. The point really like should i switch rooms. Wow that's bad. So i just wanna say thank you. I feel ready. I'm ready to be on camera. I feel great awesome. Thank you drained all my fluids. Shout out to lucienne and zack. There's my one of my favorite restaurants and eddie literally sits down and he goes. Oh man this new york back. And he opens many goes. Whoa twenty six dollars for a burger. Okay listen stomach you live in. La was i mean how was that a lie and then what do you mean. Oh no no no. It doesn't mean that could be cheap. Actually this lays expensive. Yeah that's true so you can't say new york is expensive. When you live in la with coming up from alabama or even orlando city you coming from la. It's gotta be good though so good. Yeah all right anyway. The point is as i've a weak stomach. But i'll eat pussy so there you go. I know you ladies like that sort of talk. This sort of the would you rather okay. We have to bring it back to the classic manny looking at it. What's the classic. Would you rather eat as tells. Oh my god yes same. When eat us by talking now say kleenex ask no. I'm not

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