A highlight from Theresa Cheung: Dream Life vs. Waking Life


Wachem pro come on because the battle began. Welcome to off the vine. I'm your host kaitlyn bristowe. You guys know me. Well you know i have cray dreams. Some bizarre and sometimes frightening reoccurring dreams some dreams that i can actually control. I'm one of those people. I can realize in a dream. I'm dreaming so i could do like crazy things that by wouldn't do in the real world and i get away with it. I didn't really realize that was not extremely normal until more and more people including jason would ask me how the hell i could remember those insane. Details of my dreams and i realized that that it's not very common. So that's why i had brought on dream decoding expert and bestselling author teresa cheung to dive deep and helped me decode migraines and other dreams that i know people that are listening to this. Have had to so theresa's been researching and writing about spirituality astrology dreams and paranormal for the past twenty five years. She has a masters degree from the king's college cambridge university in theology and english and several international bestselling books. So just wait until you hear what she has to say about. My dreams about rick raines. I'm sure he goes to. I don't really know what to say. I feel like so many things finally make sense to not only me but also my producer mini so. Let's enter the world of dreams. With theresa hi bill. I mean. I've got lighting on me so there's that that always helps lighting always helps how are you. I'm very well something. Isn't it wonderful. I'm here in the uk and blew my mind. I mean the power of zoom. And you know. I would have never been able to meet you otherwise when i used to do them. Only in person now we can meet each other all the way across the world. What time is it there for you. It's about seven o'clock in the evening. Is it really. Oh my gosh days down an almost. I'm so excited to talk to you today because dreams to me are. That's what i wish. I went back in life. If i had another career like path for myself. I would have chosen to do what you do with dreams. Because it's fascinating. And i just have so many questions i mean. I've so many reoccurring during that we will obviously get into at. I need you to save for some of them. Because i'm sure you've heard them all and mind might be really weird or they might be very normal. I'm not sure yet but before we get into all that i just want to kind of learn more about you and hear about you because this is our first time obviously meeting so i want to know about your background. I know you've a master's degree in that. You've been researching and writing about spirituality astrology dreams and paranormal for like twenty five years. Open and i. I was i was born into a family of spirit real. Wow strategist traveling. Family and educated somehow ended up at king's college cambridge where i read theology study of religion and then kind of became spiritual rather than religious and maybe because of my academic credentials end my new age. You know. i'm not new age encyclopedia. Because i was born into it. I had had the blessing publishing book off the book off the book in this area. Yes you know. what's fascinating is. I've been around for a very long time. Were kind of a niche audience but the pandemic has unlooked. An interest in spirituality divination nation astrology as never before and testament to that is. I'm on this podcast with you. It's a dream come true amazing and that's all. I wanted to talk in a common sense way. A practical way amount these mysterious topics about what's mysterious in life and here. I am doing it so thank you. Thank you university. Beg you for aligning us together. Because i'm so into this stuff too. And i find that it is such a mystery for some reason when there are things like that in life that are just on another deeper level. I feel like people like pretender. It's not happening. Like how do our brains go to a place when we are sleeping where it's like a production like there's costumes makeup. There's you can walk down a grocery isle and there's everything seems to be on the shelves where it's supposed to be in. It's just a wild concept to me. And i've always had vivid dreams. Did you grow up with vivid dream. Absolutely yes i. I have my dream life in my waking. I and the to kind of like complement each other. Because i was encouraged as a child because of the family. I grew up into always record my dreams. Talk about my dreams as if they were as real as my waking life and i. That was a normal thing to do. It was only when i went to university in this sort of the normal world is such that. I realize it's not how people behave. I've been on a learning curve there but for me. It's just normal the dream light continuing in state because when we fall asleep we don't stop i apart of your brain remains wide away in the world of your dreams. And it's astonishing world of your own making and i can go into all the reasons why we dream if he wants to know about that. But the method do going into mira's really and what. Most people need to understand about dream interpretation. Is that threes and dreams. Don't make sense. We'll see a often that makes sense because they speak to us in symbols and metaphors and the modern life has in modern times. We lost the ability to look beneath the surface of things to what lies beneath literal adrain. Its psychological using archetype symbols to tell you something really really important. You're dreaming mind is your best friend is trying to give you life advice amounting on your life all the time and every time it does that. It's trying to give you a message that you need to interpret. Wow and is that what you because you have. The book called the dream dictionary. Eight z. Is that kind of you can get this book and then look up. Your dreams could mean. Is there really kind of something. From a to z in their knows actually originally published way back in two thousand and six as the element encyclopedia of twenty thousand dreams accordance published it. And it's been a lake success but because of the pandemic poses been reissued slim right down because paperbacks more accessible into an eight is of common dream symbols but these are universal symbols as i always say universal symbol is a starting point a launchpad interpretation. But you need to bring your personal associations for example if you dream of a dog and you love dogs you that's a symbol for unconditional love and loyalty but if you have a had a bad experience

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