A Look Into the Case of the Oakland County Child Killer


Four kids were murdered. In oakland county michigan in the late seventies and this whole case was called the oakland county child killings and fucking awesome already right so they found a twelve year old boy kidnapped and raped in smothered and that was the first one and Then like a week later of these. I didn't write down. I didn't do my super accurate. Homework are coming here for facts. That are in the wrong place. Yeah and also i. It's all off wikipedia. So you can get and really really. Enjoy it for yourself firsthand. But essentially all eleven twelve year old children and so goes a boy and a girl. A twelve year old girl was found kidnapped not rain. Right bathed fed and then shot point blank and left in the snow. How was the first kid. Killed stir rate smothered smother that. So those aren't the same murder. probably well right they. They don't they probably didn't connect them then. Okay but then the third kid who was an eleven year old boy who was kidnapped and so he was gone for like he disappeared and so on say the seventh day or whatever they went on the parents went on the news and said please You know bring him home so we can give him his favorite jenner kentucky fried chicken and you know the thing they do to personalise and the next day. They found his body. Don't tell me how kentucky fried chicken and valley rate smothered with kentucky fried chicken left in his belly. Exactly what you didn't wanna hear. Oh my and he was also washed like the girl was. His nails were trim his closed spotless. They were washed pressed and his body was still warm when they found so. That's when they knew something. Super terrible was

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