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Everything. I'm your host tim tim. How're you doing this week. Tom you notice anything different about me. Oh you got a haircut. I got a haircut a hat on though. So that's the head off and you told me that yet. Some hot haircut anecdotes. I told you that in confidence to surprise the listener with it because we get a good response whenever we have haircut taki beloved. I mean we should just rebrand the podcast and then become the kinds of maniacs weekly haircuts tom. I've told you this before. I aspire one day to have a job where it could get daily. And i think we only job is like newscaster. Newscasts are like talk show host or soap opera or somebody. Who's on television every day. Yeah we'll we'll get it. Wouldn't it be cool. You sit down in a chair and that way. It wouldn't take that long. It's just like a couple of minutes every day. You think. I mean i think it would take the same amount of time nuts. You're just not cutting as much but you still got cut every hair. A little teeny bit Yeah when i do get a haircut. They do cut each hair. One by one i mean. How can you possibly meet a daily haircut. But you don't need it. You don't need a monthly erica. And i don't get a monthly haircut. I go every couple months. But i'm saying at some point if you're in daily haircuts. You're going to say to the barber. Hey wait a minute. The look i came in here with a very big head of hair and now i'm practically shaved ball because You know you don't know when to say when. I think it's a. It's a different kind of barber that you're that we're thinking you can't get a regular guy in there that's like used to cutting a whole bunch of hair once to get farber that's used to only cutting a little bit air. Yeah i'm sure that. Like that is a special skill in the world of barberie barbara ter- barbecuer where where it's like. What i can do a daily cleanup. The i think it's different if you work on the today show and you're giving matt lauer a haircut every morning day my. I don't want to hear anything who spent he's safe right. I think he is but he's not on the today. Show for a while due to some issues ovid. Yeah doing the today. Show even during kobe. This is before you don't wanna put lower danger to the studio every day. Oh no i mean beyond him being an awful person. You've what you've given a horrible example. Tim because matt lauer we watched him go bald onto the on the today show is because his daily minded word to the point. Where you know. This poor barber backed himself into a corner. Kept giving him a haircut everyday and it got zip point. We're matt matt lauer ball the barber's afraid for his livelihood. So he's still snipping around right. Well i was gonna say. I wonder if one of the if the type of barber that does daily haircuts for tv or show or something is just like a really good bullshit artists. Who's just snip. In the air and being like. Oh yeah you got a bunch of wild hair. That grew two inches since last night. It's gotta be something. You're doing something because if you're getting daily haircut it's not gonna after a month you're not gonna need a big a big cat. Maybe the people that give a daily haircut. They're just very good at like. I'm cutting a quarter of an inch or not even that it's like i'm cutting in the same spots every day. The same air and some days. Some hairs are going to be in there some days. They're telling want while i'm telling you most days. Nothing's going to be from what i wanna do. I aspire to be in a long aspired to this like a cartoon character.

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