Talking Upcycling With ReGrained's Daniel Kurzrock


Man. I'm great michael chief. She officer also. Ceo and co founder. You wear on ads over there. So i'm excited. Start today because we're going to talk about up cycling something that you've been pretty intimately involved with for about a decade now and i wanna talk about white kind of where word is and where it's going but i also want to hear a little bit about how you got started. So we're i think the original idea behind regan was you're basically taking spent beer ingredients. Barley hops and making protein bars. Is that right or did. I got the wrong close. Actually the first thing we ever made was bred. Okay yeah so. I was An underage home. Brewer as an undergrad. Start making my own beer because by the ingredients to do it and use about a pound for six pack. Every time we made a batch Equivalent of blake twenty thirty pounds of oatmeal with barley. But it's like saturate Soggy basically like a like meal and putting it into brad to sell the friends to brew for free didn't have the cycling language you know at the at the time that came that came later Then hip problem bread next day. Buy fresh bread anymore A lot of bars is an avid doors person and the started making making bars with it. You know as we were really thinking through what we're actually doing today around ingredients. I'm so glad that that pressed product instead of like throwing this in the compost spin which most responsible people wanna down in there being responsible you when once it further and used it for food. Consumption made those into calories that people consume what. Where'd you get that. He had actually bake bread with like spent grains. Yeah so there's actually a really rich. History of home brewers and also brewpubs Round the world probably more familiar with Around the us of using some portion of their grants from burn. Because it's well documented for many years of this really nutritious material bring has taken a sugar was left is a lot of great protein and

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