The Magic of Bitcoin With Tomer Strolight

What Bitcoin Did


And i have. Bitcoin author toma strobe. Light on toma has written a bunch of amazing articles a medium and they're pretty short in the two to four minute range and they are written in easily understandable. Way said become an absolute go-to for me. This kind of aligns with me as i'm always asking people to explain these complex topics in a way. That's easier to understand. So i knew had to get on the show to go through some of his articles. He covers so many topics from why choose bitcoin to why bitcoin the world's most inclusive institution and they are definitely worth a read and i'll put some links to them in the show knows in this one we get into the magical properties of bitcoin on wiser care about it and a few other bits. Now i know you're gonna love this but as ever if you want to reach out to me if you're gonna questions. My address is what bitcoin did dot com. I do replied to every email. I've had a lot today. So i'm going to have to spend some time getting through them but i appreciate your feedback so if you do some and you want to reach out to me please do okay over time. I hope you enjoy this toma. How are you man. I'm great peter how are you. I'm doing very well. It's greg on the podcast. We collected over telegram. As i remember it. That's right yeah. Yeah you're a prolific writer. Yeah i i. I used to write a lot in. When i was in business and then i stopped writing for quite a time as i was doing a number of other things but i've written a lot lately in the last month month and a half or so. I decided about. Bitcoin and i couldn't stop start stop. Is it you a fulltime on bitcoin. Now you to this really I you know. It's funny. Even when i was working fulltime. I was kind of distracted. Fulltime bitcoin for about eight years. But i When the cova crisis hit the company i was involved with Was really badly impacted. And i left at that point in time and so since it's been a little bit over a year since i've had a salary job and i really focused on my on my on my enthusiasm for bitcoin lately Through through this time and have started sharing my knowledge writing about it trying to offer perspectives to newcomers and experienced people. And so i'm full time. Bitcoin

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