A highlight from 2589 - How US Empire Destabilized Central America & What Biden Needs to Do to Fix It w/ Aviva Chomsky


We are broadcasting. Live steps from the industrially ramage ghana's canal in the heartland of america downtown brooklyn on the program today professor of history and coordinator at the latin american studies at salem state. University the author of central america's forgotten history revolution violence and the routes of migration aviva. Chomsky will be with us also on the program today. Israeli warplanes continued to pound palestinians. Dozens more killed yesterday including children while joe biden blocks you and call for a ceasefire for a third time. Some democratic senators now getting out ahead of biden demanding. Secession possibilities weekend. Israel destroys a gaza tower. Full of media bureaus. Just a coincidence. i'm sure. Us supreme court takes a case that many think will be the one used to reverse that roe v wade meanwhile mississippi their supreme court overturns a citizen past medical marijuana constitutional amendment and that child cash benefit that the administration thought they could start by mid july will in fact start to mid-july cuomo sexual harassment. Accusers have received subpoenas to a grand jury to testify key juncture in that investigation the ninth circuit upholds ruling that monsanto's roundup responsible for cancers and t ambandoned. It's entertainment project will plan has plans to merge it's entertainment properties with discovery. Lastly microsoft board apparently had asked bill gates to step down in wake alleged affair. All this and more on today's majority report. Yes ladies and gentlemen thank

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