Why Tesla Stock Jumped on Monday


Robin our here today. We're gonna be talking a little bit about tesla stock tests approach with their sensor suite. Plaid delivery timelines. We've got wells fargo. Picking up coverage of tesla stock. Some news on charging and batteries. Nice start to the week. Four tesla's stock today after a relatively quiet news weekend finishing up four point four percent to six hundred and six dollars four cents that compared to the nasdaq up. One point four percent tussle dead tail off a little bit towards the end of the though falling about one percent in the last half an hour well as luck would have it alanis tweeting about bitcoin and does in the last half an hour about eighteen minutes before market close. He tweeted quote spoke with north american. Bitcoin miners they committed to publish current and planned renewable usage and ask miners worldwide to do so potentially promising and quote couple minutes after that he switched over to doj saying quote. If you'd like to help develop those please submit ideas on get hub and read it and quote so inevitably you see that you see out. Great yuan taking the stock again talking about cryptocurrency. Someone already tag me on twitter suggesting this and if you're just casually looking at the stock yes absolutely looks that way but again it is not that simple if we pull up the minute by minute. Chart here tweeted again. Eighteen minutes before close dessel was at about six hundred ten dollars per share at that point in time it had already dropped from six hundred and fourteen before john even tweeted that if we flip over to the nasdaq you can hardly tell the difference there in the last half an hour with how those look the nasdaq trails off there as well and continued to fall in the last eighteen minutes. Just like tesla did in fact tests actually dropped more in the ten minutes before ilan's tweet actually more than two times as much of a drop their as it did ten minutes after tweeden about cryptocurrency even though the nasdaq performed worse in that second block of ten minutes after alonzo tweet so just like before. Yes tempting to throw that in as the narrative you see the stock falling right when you on tweets. But it's just not that simple and this instance is definitely not evidence of that being the case

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