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So paul your introduction. To the gay bar scene was in columbus ohio for young man exploring his sexuality that must have been quite a memorable experience. What bar was it. And what was it like for you. Young man well. I grew up in a small town in central ohio. I did not even really know what the word gay meant. When i was growing up. I went to a catholic school. So my first introduction to the whole concept of homosexuality was in religion class and you can imagine the spin that they put on it not not a positive one so i grew up with a lot of shame like a lot of other gay people And it took me until. I was twenty one years old before i came out and i had just graduated from college and was really eager to find my community and that was before you know there were there. There were a whole lot of ways to connect online. the internet. i mean was there but it really wasn't. It wasn't what it is today so the way that you met people in the queer community was to to go out at night and i had a friend that took me to my first gay bar. Which was this kind of dive bar in. Downtown columbus called the the eagle think probably every every town has a eagle. So i've heard so many different people say they they went to the eagle and it was always in a different city. But we had our eagle and i just remember how cool it was to go in there Be around other people like myself to have the kind of music that i liked playing. That was a i. I'd always felt so strange when i was growing up. You know. I love listening to all all my favorite divas and nobody else that i knew had any of those same interests so i felt so weird in alone then suddenly i go into this bar. The little dive bar in downtown columbus and i found my people and i loved it.

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