A highlight from Grape Therapy: Bachelorette Recap (breaking news edition) with Robyn Schall


Bristowe going to answer your question. Drink to your concessions and you have to say about anything bachelor. Let's shake it up. Some more years caitlyn all right. Welcome to great therapy. I'm your host kaitlyn bristowe. Your session is now starting. And don't begin to think i wasn't gonna have my news anchor slash co host the hilarious on for a newsflash bachelorette breaking news edition. Always hundred percent need her. Take on what's going down and her predictions for what's to come. Because she is a forever bachelor fan we do a little walk down bachelor memory lane to recap some of her favorite contestants and seasons and we overcome the major bromance between greg and connor. That i don't know maybe they win the season. Katie stirring the pot by allowing blake in and then putting him on the first one on one which we also breakdown because at the end of the day. We think it's kinda smart so you'll hear why anyways it's all in the name of funds so grab your favorite grape juice and enjoy the ridiculously funny stuff that comes out robbins mouth as much as i do. Bachelorette breaking news

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