The Inspiration Behind Joygage: The Streaming Service for Dementia Patients


I'm excited to bring to you today. A service that we've all desperately needed. In the past year i'm going be talking to craig fowler about the streaming service joy gauge since the combination of the word joy and engage him. Assuming so help me. Welcome craig to the show. Thanks so much craig for being here today. Thanks for having me jennifer. So i always not always but for a long time. Especially during this whole cova craziness that we've all lived through really felt that a streaming service was something that we needed for entertainment education and anything else related to older adults and caregiving. And obviously you had that idea because you made it happen. So do you wanna tell us your background or sure. Good place to start on how you how you came to. This is probably not something that people just generally think unless they've been caregivers I'll i'll start with the story of my of my mother. My mother wanda absolutely wonderful person. She was She ended up being diagnosed in the mid. Two thousand with early onset dementia likely a vascular. They weren't really sure the time But she had had a number of symptoms and actually retired early early sixties. Before you we could tell my father night could tell that there were some things wrong. But i think like many people we sort of avoided the issue until she had a series of. Tia's which released through for a loop and when we took her into the for that they Diagnosed her as having dementia and she lived at home with my father for around ten years after that and The very end of her life just really the last six months wing to memory care unit To a couple of different ones but in ten years that my father cared for her. I was living in an eight hour. Drive away so. I would fly in all the time we try to help him but i kept finding as she got further into dementia that the biggest daily struggle that he had in the she had was really just staying engaged in staying active so many of the things that my mother wanted us to do Before dementia in her early stages dementia just weren't really accessible to her and she was very involved in church over the volunteering. Opportunities became intimidating to her. She used to love movies tv. That certain things that a number of things used to enjoy became confusing to her and she had a hard time keeping up with botts. She liked to do certain types of games early on that Word search games but over at some point in time those who came to challenging for her and frustrating for her so The the the thought of joy gauge was to was. Hey we know that there are actually quite a few things in the world available that will fit people of different cognitive abilities. People with different levels of short term memory but there are scattered around and not really usually very accessible so are thought with joy. Gauges what if we could curate and bring together All of those options and can use technology modern technology to customize those bring into individual People so that they actually have the ability using the streaming service to access a specific types of entertainment engaging activities actually fit them where they are without frustrating them but still provide enough challenge. Where they're going to enjoy them.

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