A highlight from The Famous Dead: The Life and Tragic End of Comedy Legend John Belushi!


To the show. What's going on out there. We have a new guest on the strange brew podcast. We got anton age. I guess i could say aka. Hp shoved craft this dude. That was a fan of the show that we mean him start connecting and talking more. We realize we're into the same stuff called the stuff weird strange things so introduce yourself a little bit their body. It's going on everybody Anton reverend dr cadre dig it a graft sometimes streaming occasional podcast guest lifelong fan of everything. Weird odd strange. In all the fun shit in the dark crevices of the universe in mysteries and stuff. Yeah so and. I got a steam also going hymns wine. Because i have to fucking go to billy's after this sound good even get some threes leaders. Oh yeah really. Yeah so not drinking too heavy or non smoking weed. Yes there you go. We always have a little bit. I not do that before. I'm dr because i'll be fucked late especially because in canada when meena anton a recording as the day after candidates so the cops and it's a friday so the cops obio trying to ding people and they always at the end of the month. There's always more and more cops coming out a guy at my work. Literally someone that we deliver part to and stuff. He pulled up and the cop pulled them pulled up behind him and dignam for a seatbelt. Truck yeah in a work truck. Just because they the end of the month that was like the thirtieth or whatever they try to meet their quotas and shit right. Yep same down here in the states as well in talking crazy so because billy and alex fucking young and i wanted to get back into doing famous dead series once in a while. So we're going to talk about john. Belushi someone that you said you've watched on snl and seeing couple of his movies even though it was not that many out there but he was a big character in life. Oh yeah absolutely no. I grew up one of the first rated movies. I was allowed to watch the blues. Brothers the other. Being the jerk of steve martin to both with her huge favorites of mine Yeah i absolutely love the fuck jerk. That movie funny. It's ridiculous shoots the paint cans. He's like these. Can you're going to spring a leak. Yeah so we're going to let let's get into john belushi and his life so john belushi was american actor. Tom american actor comedian and a singer. And one of the seven original cast members of the nbc sketch. Comedy saturday. night live. So that's you know. My parents would watch saturday night. Live now kind of seek downstairs and try to watch stuff. And i was a kid because especially that. Somebody's like oh. This isn't appropriate. But my dad was really into comedy and all this stuff. So i kind of want him to i keep trying to creep down to watch it or at sneaking watcher. My dad used to watch all the time.

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