The Real Story Behind The Don McGahn DOJ Subpoena


Great website. Theresa Munro Hamilton reports that the Department of Justice under the Trump administration secretly subpoenaed information. And former White House counsel Don McGahn, a Democrat. Rep. Adam Schiff, it was leaked to The New York Times, of course, seem to be falling apart. There's no real spying allegedly took place. The story was written by Michael Schmidt. He's a hack Charlie Savage, a hack. Reported quote that the DOJ secretly subpoenaed Apple for personal information on again and his wife in February, 18. And then barred Apple from telling them about the reported move during that time period under a non disclosure agreement. The devil appears to be in the details here, and this may not be the breaking story. The media are apparently running with Schmidt tweeted quote New DOJ secretly subpoenaed Apple for personal info of Trump's then White House done council dime again and his wife in February, 18. The O. J. Bard Apple from telling them at the time, But three years later, May 21 Apple told them. It's unclear what investigation it was related to Clarifying an interesting tweet was then issued by Savage. The co author. Quote, Apple recently told Don McGahn, Trump's former White House counsel. That the Justice Department had secret collected data about his account of a February 2018 subpoena. Caution. You can't conclude from this fact them again was intentionally targeted. It began was not intentionally targeted. Then the whole story is evidently not what was purported to be, You understand, folks. That is for investigating a leak, and there's a whole bunch of people that they're looking into. They're not supposed to investigate a leak. Apparently, that's the case, particularly if it That benefits the Democrats and hurts the country. The accusations do not go into detail about the DOJ investigation. It's unknown what federal investigators were looking into. Even if McGann himself was their primary focus, or whether it was somebody had contact with Apple reportedly did not inform again what they had turned over to DOJ. Report did state that Apple received them again subpoena weeks after another subpoena was issue that was connected to leaks and the Russia probe. The subpoena involves records belonging to California Democratic representatives, Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell. Again. The subpoenas were ostensibly an attempt to identify individuals who leak classified national security information. During Trump administration and were not specifically targeting shift. So they're throwing a

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