A highlight from BK welcomes George Stoia III


With brandon krisztal. I want everything. I want all the meatballs and pasta. Happy tuesday broncos country. It's always a happy time when good things are happening. And i guess technically vp tuesday around these parts known nicole yokich for the denver broncos but he has played for the denver nuggets or so. There's plenty of crossover folks in the mile high city or denver through and through or love both teams and love watching joker play. I was going to get this podcast up little earlier. I talked to george sawyer shortly after we had media availability today with lloyd cushenberry and josie jewel and bring you a little bit from that as well as some stuff from yesterday with vic fangio alexander johnson and dalton reisner but i talk about joker and people that are critical like nick right out there of jokers. Mvp season. it's it's really a credit to that dude. How hard he worked. And i encourage everybody. Check out mike. Singers article in the denver post about who joker is and people that know him best describing how you approach his life how he approaches bask while high approaches everything that was in the sunday denver post Really great piece talking to his brothers and his old age in and coaches in europe and family and friends it was it was really awesome As well as folks with the nuggets have known them for a long time and saw how special he was going to be. I need to give special shallow paul. Who's of course a friend of the pod and certainly somebody comes on here. Plenty paul klee told me years ago after talking with folks with the nuggets and talking with tim conley team president of basketball operations that this could be an all star and i was looking at them in practice. One day i was like that guy is going to be an all star barely place but okay and he's overweight and just looks kinda goofy. I was wrong. I guess. I didn't say no. He'll never be an all-star skeptical and not only the an all star he is now the best player in basketball so props to nicoli yokich He joins a list that includes both john elway and peyton manning as far as mvp's in their respective sports here from the mile high city. And of course. Larry walker one and allen vp. Back in one thousand nine hundred seven. Joe sack again. Peter forsberg both won the hart trophy. A one for joe super joe when they won their second stanley cup and then a couple of years later. Peter forsberg won the hart trophy four. Nhl mvp So a pretty rare list. That joker joins and we'll see if the broncos are going to have an mvp again anytime soon If they were to land aaron rodgers you would think that probably gives them the best candidate with apologies. That drew lock and teddy bridgewater. And melvin gordon. Anyone else you think they might win. Mvp we haven't seen a defensive mvp and a while either. So von miller bradley chubb justin. Simmons will be my top candidates over there. I'm not sure those guys are are winning. Mvp anytime either sister. If fangio said that he liked what he saw from both quarterbacks we saw him both row interceptions than he also mentioned. That drew lock may be dealing a little bit of a blister on his hand. So does that factor into why he's throwing interceptions and their first day of teamwork yesterday and they're gonna get four days this week. Not as and then three days next week a mandatory minicamp to watch all three days of that when we got to watch one day this week. I missed last week's work. Because i was on vacation camping in the week before that i had a meeting. I couldn't move so it was one of those things where you can over-analyse and victim just said you absolutely shouldn't or you can just say it's practice. It's june interceptions. Happened just seems got one on one. The ball slipped out of drew's hand and me greets nash out of the air. Teddy bridgewater threw wanda rookie. Jimmy johnson and so. I'm not pressing the panic button yet. They're practicing by the way that means you're defenses taking the ball away something down. Tell him vic fangio stress and you wanna see that. From time to time but became joe was asked because alexander johnson don rising over the two guys we were talking to you but alexander johnson specifically about what can the team's leading tackler from a year ago due to improve his game this year and then alexander reacted to it. So this is kind of a fun little sequence here but here's vicks at about what number forty five can do to improve his game. We'll look for him to be more of a assignment and technique conscious and fundamental player. He's at times Can get stray a little bit. From the exact way coaches are being Telling them what to do fits in that other category. You don't want the guys then only at the coach. You're saying you don't want the guys that don't do the coach saying he's leaning towards the too much of the other right now in his career and we've got to give him more dialed in when he does find. He'll even be a lot better. And then here's alexander responded to the notion that he's not assignment sound and then you'll hear my follow up question. I didn't ask the first question but asked a follow up So you'll hear all of that. Alexander not necessarily agreeing with his coach about being assignment. Sound off inappro- tate me already a few months. He may be sitting.

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