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Getting a licensed game onto a new onto a console would be very hard especially since they're saying you don't have to buy it so that company would have to be okay with nintendo giving lake a collection of twenty dollars per year from all these people and they take a very small chunk of that money. Saying like it's five dollars in intendo gets half and you get half or nintendo gets a twenty percent you get eighty percent. It's like we get twenty dollars for our online services will give you a few dollars every year but whatever developer. It is like if it's rare. Whatever then they're making more money by to put on the line up for then britain profit from that. They're not selling more copies of the game. At this point the game is now in a retro status lemon sold news copies so well and it also gets into like how many different people own have ownership who. The developer was ocean software. I don't even know it's defunct developers funk so we're talking about jurassic park. We don't even know who owns this game. Obviously it probably gets back to whoever own stress apart. I don't even know who stress park universal studios shifts. Okay so universal. They're not doing with nintendo are out. I have no idea is universal. The one that's sued nintendo the. There's a lawsuit years ago whoever owned king cole. Who had the king kong movie. It might have been. I don't remember but when nintendo came out with donkey kong. This nintendo was really small company. So they weren't like super. They weren't the billionaire company. They are today and they sued nintendo saying that you did copyright infringement of king kong with your donkey kong get video arcade game and may went to court The way nintendo oneness in became the megalithic a The people who sued them you are breaking. Copyright didn't own the copyright to the king kong. Either ten does lawyer figured it out like you don't own this copyright either. This

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