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Figure skating especially. I mean a lot. A lot A lot of agent athletes in that sport lot of asian athletes in olympic lifting. That do really really well. I mean the chinese olympic lifting are know if you guys ever seen some of those smaller athletes like squad and six hundred pounds for reps and stuff. I mean it's it's wild you know i think. Some of the anatomy of certain individuals sometimes lends itself to be better at certain sports true. Let's talk about. I mean i think it's just like you know i'm not trying to be offensive to anybody but i think it's like just a little bit factual sounds like a just a recognition of is an observation. I guess we'd say i wouldn't say it's a fact for sure but it's like an observation. I wanna talk about this andrew. We live or live now. So i'll get the live link from youtube guys who live right now mark. Hey andrew so Swipe up check it out all right so this is This is a very interesting topic because andrew chime in for ben. I want to have this live. I want to get this thing. And then i'm gonna chime in on this because this is a really good topic. We could trigger people. I remember the the football player reggie white legendary football player Greeley yeah green bay packers and the philadelphia eagles longtime he talked one time As a preacher and talked about how some of these different ethnicities are good at certain things and then people really just yes. He was saying stereotypical stuff which sometimes is unpopular for the most part. It seemed like from what i remember could be remembering some of it wrong before i remember most of it was pretty positive. You say in this group of people. They do this really well. This group of people over here do this really well. And i think when it comes to sports i think sometimes I remember there was a white athlete in one hundred meter dash like maybe like two olympics ago And i was just watching it. I'm like i'm like oh my god they're not gonna talk about it if they're not they're not gonna have any mention of it and he finished fourth. There's something and it could have been like four by one hundred meter or or whatever but anyway as a white dude hundred meter dash. He stuck sore thumb. He did he did well. And when the event was over and he placed they finally mentioned it like the first time since nineteen fifty. You know and i was like man like that should be a little bit of a story like it's kinda you know it's interesting right. And so we do see these differences amongst people and joe rogan actually has a bit where he talks about the differences between male and female right. There's clearly genetic differences between male and female most of the time males or bigger. The tallest people in the history of the world have been men right. Probably the heaviest person ever has probably been a man like there's certain things that are like Kind of obvious. And rogan talked about even in a sex. What discrepancies we can have. We got like us kind of normal ish people All three of us are within three or four inches wide of each other right But then there shack right then. There's shaquille o'neal like there's mittens out there. Me y'all ming We've heard of tribes being really tall whether it's like multiple people that are you know. Six eight is like on the shorter sides. Pacific travel africa. Where like the average height seven average. Six foot your six five year kicked out the short can't there's just some observations amongst Some people have different a different. Gene pool expresses itself in a way that either makes them taller sometimes. allows them to maybe maybe like out of the gate. You're not necessarily faster or stronger or whatever it might be. But maybe you just propensity propensity like to be better at that thing I mean at shoot viking genes of hathor bjornson. I'm sorry like they're just like there are people from that area norway iceland or whatever that just big boned large men and women and and they're extremely good at straight sports look at russians. I know a lot of people like to say the russians and eastern europeans aren't drugs or something like that. But i mean even so within straight sport we see a lot of those strong athletes from those countries and they just their joints or bit. Like we had andre. Andre kid we know that andrea using looks different. Man he just looks different right hand engulfed my hand. I was like what is this thing. This isn't a hand. It's a glove right. It's of right and there are a lot of those types of people from that area right. So that's why it's so interesting when you were mentioning the guy that you were wrong with. Oh you're like it doesn't make any sense. And i would say it's not only is it genetic but it's also environmental as as part of it too right environmental piece of it Russians typically are a little more stoic. And when you listen to someone. Like friedman then lex. Like i think he's he's unconventional. He's super smart. he's amazing but very monotone yet right. He's not real reactionary. Somebody says something crazy to show. He's like how that's interesting know. He's very like always. Wears the same suit. Everyday day type of thing and so i think now on top of it being you know there's a genetic component to a lot of these things. There's also an environmental and who people are surrounded by and societal norms of whatever areas that you grow up grow up in that you get used to that you just It could allow you to be better at a particular sport. It'd be better at a particular thing than someone else absolutely. It's like yeah. Let me mentioned that. This guy was wrong with that jujitsu. I him once. But i forgot lot. I think was his name. We'll stereo vlade. Sounds made up. He's over at my jitsu school and he's a white belt right. Everyone's i can see them. All you got to roll with the role with role of.

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