Jonathan Corbblah on the Big Poker Boom

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Welcome back to the grid. I jennifer shoddy today. I've got an extra special dare. I say delicious guys. It is jonathan core blah. Blah is a man of many games we met through chas where he's a blitz legend and renown coach. He's also a jeopardy champion. Anna hosted the game show masterminds the game show network where he works with ken jennings. Jonathan has been on over thirteen. Game chose from cass cab. Who wants to be a millionaire to wheel of fortune. He appeared in a few projects produced like x. Chess and american. Just star many of the games at jonathan. His bastard involve grades whether it's jeopardy or chess or scrabble and honestly that's why i've wanted him on the show from the start. I've been nagging him for two years. And finally i captured him for the grade. He brought a hand that he played with nine five suited just a few days ago. It was in a home game that i played into jonathan. My i live guests in the grid for over a year. We aren't a beautiful beach and poker retreat weekend and so john that i have to thank you for taking time out from champagne and sicilians for this little chat. It's actually really really funny. I'm glad that we were able to meet up this weekend. Were out here in southampton. And i'm glad i was able to shenyang only fill a spot in the grid with a hand that you saw me play so that was actually kinda fun. Was the nine five of clubs nine five of clubs and tell us a little bit about your relationship to poker. Now i came in with the big poker. Boom of chris moneymaker like many people our age when it was first on. Espn and You know the the world series started growing and we started meeting. These guys. Like phil hellmuth and phil ivey and whatnot. And i became extremely interested in playing. So i got a party. Poker account full tilt poker account and luckily living in new york city. I had a lot of opportunities to play in some underground poker game. So i would say of all of the poker played in my life. Probably eighty percent of it has taken place in underground games mostly in new york city but also other places around the country starting with cash games. You know when my bankroll was really low one to no limit will come up to two five and five five these days playing a lot of five ten pillow so bring us back to those days. What was poker like then. Well there were so many people who played and because of the numbers so many who thought that they were amazing so many people who consider themselves professional regardless of how much they could support themselves with the game regardless of how much they think they knew that perhaps read. A few books played a bunch. Got a few cashews. And i can't lie. I probably was one of those people you know. We were all kind of swept up in the u. Fauria of everyone being able to play their poker rooms opening up all over the place on riverboat casinos and indian reservations in a c- in vegas and you know Foxwoods mohegan sun. So everywhere. I would go for instance. There was a long-term tournament at the foxwoods casino in connecticut. And i would often play. Maybe the first few rounds get a little bored and then eventually miss around and go to the poker games because i was doing a little bit better in the poker game so definitely poker was there was cachet. I mean if you recall a time they had the heads up. Poker tournament on nbc. Cyber poker shout at exactly celebrity poker showdown poker was in the zeitgeist definitely between two thousand three and two thousand eight ish and i would say that was really a part of the hebei of me playing.

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