What is Intuitive Eating?

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Eating as something. That's been around since the eighties. And the first the actual term was coined by two dieticians. So evelyn tripoli a lease rash so they are the founders of intuitive eating as a movement and they wrote a book called intuitive eating which is now in its fourth edition but the concept of intuitive. Eating has been around for even before they wrote the book. And i think it started because there had been this surge in dieting in the eighty s and specially we all remember below fat craze which caused us to create a lot of processed foods that were lower in fat. And this obsession with calorie count counting and then this and so it just created what we now call diet culture which is definitely still alive and well in present day but i think one of the coolest things about intuitive eating is coming back to trusting our own bodies because through diet culture through all of these plans and meal plans and calorie counting and macro counting. We started to lose touch with our own bodies and we started to distrust. Our own bodies started to believe that we can't trust our own bodies and sometimes we project that onto our children as well but children actually are born intuitive eaters. They're able to determine when they're hungry when they're satisfied from birth but we train it out of them so that usually by the time that they're five years old they start to lose that ability because repeatedly over and over we tell them you should eat more or you should eat less. Are you should eat this instead of that. And then they also lose touch with their bodies and lose that ability to tune in

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