Summer Mystery: Glacier Ice Worms Rise Again in the Pacific Northwest


We know about the ice worms but we don't know about the ice worms at least most of us don't so we don't appreciate what an exciting time of year this is for researchers like scott hoteling from washington state university. It's time when the weather gets warmer up. They come squirming toward the light from deep within the glaciers on mount rainier billions of tiny skinny wriggling black strings that live in glaciers but died when the temperature drops below freezing but somehow survived for a long time down in the ice or replace themselves constantly. We don't know much about their reproduction and seem to surface in summer to bask in the sun but may have another reason in general their reasons for doing anything are largely on known as mr hoteling told. Npr there are more mysteries than there are solved things with ice worms. So there's a lot to learn still and maybe now that we've heard about this eager ice warm reception. We'll all give them less of a lukewarm reception.

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