Building The Build To Sell Business


For your business be valuable. It has to be something that will work without you and that is really the essence of a valuable company. That when you take the owner out of the equation for a moment does the business continued to thrive and that's really the essence of all of the works that we do is is structure and this is not a new concept. Michael gerber course. The very famous author wrote the ems sort of coined. This term work on not in your company similar principles but the idea is for your company to have transferable value could sell it effectively. What it has to succeed without you. When i read built to sell i wasn't at a million dollars in revenue. I was that probably about ten thousand dollars of revenue. I just left running the marketing department at an early stage startup. i started a professional services. Business i had brought on my first client and i didn't know what i was doing. I was in what i call the. Atm phase which is anything for money and somebody needed some marketing help. And i said great. I'll take it. And fortunately for me. I ran into the podcast and the book and while creating a system where the owner can be replaced from. The business is one of the primary takeaway. One of my biggest takeaways was building a set of systems and products for services business. Instead of saying i'm going to come in and solve your problems it was. These are the things that i can sell. You hear my products. Here's how am packaging the work that i'm doing in a formalized systematic way which led me from being a. I'm a random marketing consultant to. I am someone who does brand development and marketing strategy. And here's how. I think about the differences between these two products and because their products. Here's how i seldom. Here's how much they cost. Here's how long it takes to deliver. And i have a standard deliverable with me scale my consulting

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