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Nfl season get the countdown going. Pay welcome nfl live coming later. The reason why green bay has a lot more leverage over aaron rodgers than meets the eye and speaking up. We just has an important moment as a four pm. Today do i. It's much easier financially to three lakes of rodgers and julio jones. We'll be talking about that. You better believe it. You see him right there. Marcus spears. Diana is with us for the our hundred days away from the season. Marcus what are you most excited for. Told y'all i'm here for a couple of weeks ago. I'm ready to see. Sam darnold into this carolina panthers all. I wanna see how well he plays under brady. The confidence that rule has extended as far as giving him his expansion on the fifth year option and being in a new setting. This is a great football out. I live all it for three years. They love this team. Going to be the king. If he balls out. I am excited about all these rookie. Quarterback's five taking in the first round this year. We know two of them. Zack wilson and trevor lawrence will start week one but ask the others. We're not sure they're gonna win their qb competition so paying attention all summer long to how they're performing cam. What kind of reports coming out of their respective teams. Because i guarantee you. We're going to see more of them sooner rather than later well made. I don't think we're gonna see a rookie in new orleans. But i'm excited to see the quarterback situation play out the rereads begins. I'm sight to see the improvements. That sean payton has made to jameis winston. I've heard a lot of that. There is excitement about what he can do in this offense and how much effect he's hat on this locker room and i can't wait to see it out on the field when they opened up against the green bay packers. I'm most excited for the chiefs. A line being revamped with patrick mahomes and with the memory of my home scrambling for his life against the buck. Even the super bowl pressure in their brains achieves remade align alison enormous. String now has more protection and he knows what to do with in. Maybe the best chiefs offense we've seen in the mahomes. Andy reid era orlando brown junior. Joe -tuni- tile longcrete humphrey who they drafted welcoming back. Run through rene tardy san lucas gang. While up now to the news of the day plenty of rumors swirling about the potential trades involving rogers and julio jones this offseason but now it's officially june first and passport in we could see those discussions start to heat up your wife by waiting until today. The peppers and falcons are able to spread out their dead money calf charges across the next two seasons instead of just the twenty twenty one league year so diana. These guys weren't likely getting traded before today but now that we needed to june. I what are you hearing about. The trade options and the situation for julio jones. Yeah the doors officially opened for some action here this would make the most business sense for atlanta to move. Julio jones starting now but the reality is the sense of urgency. Isn't really there right now. They're sitting back. You're taking calls. They're listening to all the different offers. I was told some other teams that we haven't talked about colon over the weekend to show some interest and look. It seems that this point that every team is interested in me to come down to who is realistically aim on this. And what the compensation atlanta sitting here. They have said from day. One here when the decision was made that they're going to move on from julio that they are looking for first round draft pick. I've heard a lot of versions and discussions that had been had with atlanta future future. First rounder was discussed with one team. We did lanta. I've heard a second round draft pick for twenty twenty. Two is on the table as well so they have several different opposite. They're taking a look at and they're going to try to figure out what is the best one for a trade for who you listen. The bottom line is it should be heating up. I know the pacers this there on atlanta side. But if i'm the baltimore ravens and air cost on the phone right now. Who result is just was going on in life. i noticed situation that's going on in atlanta. But his lamar jackson still on this work your deal we can get the money for you and also man like ozzy was here. And he's a alabama guy you alabama guy. We need a we need a why receiver. Because i'll offense coordinator. Gregg roman has talked about evolving. This offense you are great all script pass catcher. We have the best off script quarterback in the nfl. Julio don't make this man we call atlanta get it figured out but i'm telling you right now. The chips are ian man. And we need you to win the super bowl. That should go something like that. Yeah i mean the commitment to airbrush. Phone was remarkable meena. You don't need hair on the head to nita brush right because you got the killer beard right there. So we've heard some of those teams. I think so the beard rate. I don't know what all the reins phone is that a house phone. Okay moving on other teams. Do you think should be in the mix and and you heard. Diana mentioned that there are some teams other than the ones. We've been talking about the ravens for example so who else should be in the middle. Well the way. I see it. There are two types of teams. That should be on the phone. Real phones hopefully not hairbrushes with the atlanta falcons teams that think they can realistically content. We were throwing out a bunch of them. You know half the nfc west of the titans the patriots the ravens and then another group of teams drove out that we haven't talked about is teams that can both afford julio and have rookie quarterback's our colleague bill barnwell suggested trade. That i thought was fascinating idea. Which was jacksonville. Jaguars potentially trading one of their young skill players james robinson chenault of course they have cats face and the draft picks and then another team i would throw out his the jets. I realize they've invested a lot in the wide receiver position both in the draft and signing corey davis but again a team with two second rounders. I believe the top of my head and a ton of cap space next year and it would be a tremendous help to either. Zack wilson. trevor lawrence margaret's you. Make face because it's not exciting for us as nfl viewers generally. It's not exciting. Option for julio jones. But i'm talking about teams should be interested and potentially might have the best offer for atlanta and that's what atlanta cares about. They don't care jones winning a super bowl. Getting compensation for their player is that the face was more with you l. Yeah because i look. Julio said on the call with which i don't know if he knew he was on tv or not that he wanted to win. Those teams ain't winning. They ain't no. Julio away from women. And look i know. He'd has a no trade clause but i believe like different circumstance. Julio is in a part of his career where he's going to be like nah. I ain't playing for them. I players are now like this thing is evolved like even though he can't like project where he's going to go. I think julio is at a point in his career where he would definitely say. I'm not going there. Yeah that's that's that's a real saying anything wrong well right. But it's an intriguing point because he doesn't have that say but yet you. I think you're right. A veteran thirty two year old. Player's gonna try to call some of his shots diana another name of interest with june. I hear zach ertz. What's the sense around the league on his future. Philadelphia has been trying to trade zach ertz. What really kills like bonds and bonds. now I was told that they've come close to striking a deal with teens. But those fell thrill so here rat. They're still making calls. They still want to treat him. This is something pretty well known throughout the league so we know that there's

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