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And to graphics that means the mobile phones will support ray tracing and variable rates shading best. Bet is this will probably show up. I in the samsung galaxy. S phone in two thousand twenty two. But that's interesting and alison your next tesla infotainment system if you get a model lesser a model x. Might use an amd reisen processor and amd are dna to gpu. They didn't say which models but the model s. plaid with the new system starts deliveries june tenth. Not trying to make you buy a new car. But this this. This is important because i have noticed Some severe video lag when playing missile command and asteroids. In my tesla. So i i'm. I'm really do that a lot do you. Oh yeah all the time Well i mean that's i mean all kidding aside though. Is there a time when you're looking at the impressive You know infotainment console. That's currently in. Your tesla. Thinking refresh rate could be better. You know there are things that are lagging about this display. Because i'm always just sort of blown away by. It is a beautiful this now. It's more things going on in the in the background. I think like the used to be that when cars were sitting next to you they'd get real twitchy like they'd spin on access and stuff but they obviously fix the code and they don't they don't jerk around so much The graphics of the satellite displays real slow. But i sort of wonder if that's not the network but maybe it isn't. Gpu maybe it's a very tesla thing. Right like tesla wants to let you have a ten teraflops gaming machine in your center console. Never mind if that's a good idea or not you'll ever play call of duty in your tesla you'd be able to write. And that's part of the sales pitches is the idea of things not not always the reality necessarily well. It seems to the fart roadworks quickly. So that's you know that's really what does that do. You can have the different seats fart so you can. You can press a button and make your left rear passenger part okay. It is literally. I thought that clever acronym for something else. But i was wrong. You can edit to the to the blinker like when you hit your left blinker. The rear passenger seat farts and you can change. What kind of art it's really. It's good so this is like this is like road trip game step thing. Yeah okay. yeah all right. People waste a lot of time talking about charging efficiency and cost of ownership real issues with the we wanna play ashtrays and makes the back rear seats. Art k nvidia is not going to either of those things. But it did announce its new flaming flaming gaming flagship. Gpu it's on flames. That's how good it is this. Rtx thirty eighty ti. and nvidia. says it will be available. Whatever that means. June third starting at one thousand two hundred dollars. The design and ports are similar to the thirty eighty. But the thirty eight t. I has twelve. Gigs of gdp are six x v. Ram and eighty gpu clusters compared to ten gigs. Sixty four gpu clusters on the standard rtx thirty eighty. The thirty eight requires a seven hundred. Fifty watt power supply and can draw up to three hundred fifty watts of power. The verge knows that it's basically the same as a thirty ninety. but with half the vm. there's also the rtx thirty seventy ti coming. June tenth for six hundred dollars in video also announced that the apple tv app is coming to the nvidia shields. The app supports wash and four k with dolby vision. Hdr google assistant playback control and ai. Upscaling to four k now. Our resident shield owner and enthusiast. Roger chang i if you were watching twitter was was quite enthusiastic about the idea. Anyway of getting the apple tv app on his invidious shield. When will you be installing it. Right away roger. possibly. I mean it's what i find so compelling about it is it really just woodall's away the number of things you need plugged into your tv into a single device and there's really no reason that can happen already just if not for all the competing interests involved but it's great. I think the idea that you can have everything without necessarily switching between devices and the great thing about the shield is. I can pop between apps in. Remember like you tapping through a browser. So if i'm watching something on hulu and kick over to youtube are cook over to netflix. I can go back. And just pick back up. Where i left off in hulu or hbo mex or anything late. And that's great. And i'm assuming it's going to work the same way with the apple app. That's going to be interesting. I like the idea of the. It's almost like the the players are starting to realize what we actually want. We don't actually want to buy twelve devices. We actually would like them. Like i want to buy a box and make it do everything for me. Stop making me choose. Stop making me Have more than one and i. it's. I'm always curious when that happens. Like there must be something in it for them. If they keep doing this. What is what is their motivation. Because actually happy. And would you call this uncharacteristically apple to to make the apple tv app. Ask widely available as it has. I mean you can get a chromecast that supports apple. tv and does dobie and four k. And i think roku also right. Yeah absolutely on the roku. Yeah it tells you that. They're they're apple. Tv thing is a different kind of thing. Then you know. I mean they do have apple music on android and they don't forget i tunes windows right. That was good so they do have a history of having done it whether they do it. Well will probably be the question. Yeah i feel like this is the first big pivot towards becoming a service. Company is to do something like this. Where you're you're making your app available widely. Now

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