A highlight from WTF is The Beauty Sandwich? (And Do We Need One??)


My fellow co host. joel john. Hello jell hey carleen and you know. I just love our listeners. I have to take a moment to say. Thank you were honestly so humbled and honored that people tune in week after week. And we have a lot of love for this community that we've created and so whether you slide into our dmz right as a review. We've read all of them or you join us on facebook to chat about products in this week's episodes just like love all of the interaction. Were so here for it. So thank you We have a very special guest today. He's here to reveal his top secret facial method that hollywood is lining up for his name. Is yvonne poll here to tell us all about his proprietary method called. Wait for it. The beauty sandwich so you guys are probably going to be like me so i stopped the beauty sandwich on instagram. I was like what is this. I see every celebrity doing it. Do i need this. I need to know more and so really. All you need to know is that it gives you a completely snatched looked so you're talking contoured cheeks lifted jowls and it's really said to dupe the look of fillers or bow talks but there's no needles. There's no downtime in free. And it's all natural that's right and it combines two things that i love food and beauty except maybe not literally yvonne. His cult hollywood following his beauty sandwich. Facial brie larson. Car de levin lizotte. Salma hayek laura harry. Those are just a handful of the star clients that you regularly see on instagram like touting. His praises and today is his first podcast. Ever yvonne is here to explain some of his secret methods His tips forgetting that snatched bizarre at home. And he's going to tell us all about his secret sauce that he developed. It's not a serum. It's not a moisturizer or an oil. I'm dying to try it you is. It's a skin enhancer that all the celebrity makeup artists are already going gaga for and guys get ready. This is a very l. a. episode. If i ever heard one. I'm ready for an affirmation. I'm ready for green juice. I'm ready for it all ready for red carpet. So let's get into it here. He is welcome. Yvonne poll and now a quick pause for one of our incredible show partners story worth so the summer before the pandemic started. My sister and i did a road trip through nova scotia with my parents. It was our first trip together in at least a decade and it was my first time visiting my father's birthplace. I can't even put into words. How special that trip was. I saw the modest home. My dad grew up in. I heard ghost stories. I saw the coal mine where my grandfather worked hunched over in the dark hours hours every day. I took as many photos as i could. But i did wonder how to preserve the stories that went along with seeing that history until recently when i discovered story worth story worth is an online service that helps your dad grandfather or any member of your family share stories through thought provoking questions about their memories and personal thoughts. I signed up my dad for story worth and every week. He's emailed a different story. Prompt questions that i really never thought to ask like what is your favorite story about your father. And what things are you proudest of in life. After one year story worth will compile all of my dad's stories including photos into a beautiful keepsake book that ship to our family and it's free shipping. I'm so touched by the whole thing. Because every week i get an email back with his answers and i'm hearing new details that i'd never heard before stories about the joy. He felt when he first moved to a house with a telephone and a refrigerator or the way he reflects on his own. Father just gives me so much more perspective into my own father story worth is such a powerful way of bringing so many families closer together especially now when many of us still can't be there in person so give your dad the most meaningful gift.

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